Ammo: Some Ideas I Had

So this game is basically about how you use a gun to fight monsters, right?

Well, here's the three spin-off games i want to use to backdrop a new game over this one, while keeping it pretty much the same:

Ammo: Deus vs. Machina
In this setting you play Angels, Fallen super-beings secretly living among humanity. Long ago Angels were the protectors of mankind, and gave the first weapon to their ancestors. The weapon was the Sword. Over time that thing of fire and blade has become trigger and muzzleflare. But now mankind has evolved the weapon too far, creating intelligent robots that have suddenly gone rogue, and threaten to overrun the world. You, a Fallen Angel, have created a connection with humanity that gives you access to the Sword you once gave away: the Gun. see an image that inspired me...

Cowboys vs. Werewolves
I changed my mind. Screw aliens. This time it's Silver Bullet Bandits vs. Wolfmen. Rad.

Ammo: Derf Revolution
This is the one i should have made first, but i had to create Revenant War because i needed to know if the game was real. Now that it's up and running i really want to make Derf Revolution. It's about kids who are learning from a mysterious stranger how to shoot Derf guns and special colors of Derf Dart at invisible BoogieMen that plague their friends and family. It's about a world that exists for children and dreamers, and how you gun down the monsters that other people don't have the imagination to see, and can't resist because, to them, they don't exist. Each color of Derf Dart has a different imaginary effect, some dependent on the Caliber you play.


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