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within the Kaitentachi Empire

  • Khan Thaal - Empirial city, stronghold for the Iron Hand
  • Metchu - Airship Boneyard Island near borders of Kaitentachi and Vaar Andor

within the Realm of Lao'Ashaan

  • Pentsu Academy - largest academy of Mancery within the Three Kingdoms
  • Vsih'Nakor Mountain - peak of ruins, rumored to be haunted

within the Vaar Andor lands

  • Thessak - Central City of Trade
  • Pai Setsu - Island controlled by the Pai Clan, a pleasure island of debauchery.

Emperor Shao Khan, Tarjen of Thunder IX

  • Current Patriarch of Kaitentachi

Singing Ming Sung

  • Eirwyn Air Lord of the Bright Feathers Courier Guild, Vaar Andor


  • Helkod Leader of a Mercernary Guild, Exiles of Vaar Andor

The Bladesingers

  • Emperor Tarjen's royal guard.

The Guild of Mute Assassins

  • Most deadly guild in Vaar Andor

The School of Sacred Fire

  • Pyromancer School that teaches violent and deadly fire-based martial arts.

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