Autobots Prime: Character Creation


Pick a name. Remember, using Prime in your name puts you as a leader of the Autobots, and therefore you are required to take "Squad Tactics" and "(Matrix of) Leadership" as part of your Internal Protocols.

It was best explained to me when my friend said, "Pick a codename; one you think a sixth grader would say sounds cool."

Stealth Mode Model

Transformers are more than meets the eye. So what are you, at a glance? Smaller Autobots can shift into common household items (stereo, laptop, TV). Your average Transformer is roughly the size of a car, larger ones being semi-truck trailers or tanks. Massive Transformers may be as big as ships, airplanes, or even buildings.

Pick a Stealth Mode. Remember, when you shift into this mode you'll be able to regain your Action Pool at an exponential rate.


Transformers are not just apathetic androids. They are driven by the Allspark, and make decisions of heroism and villainy based on their Passions.

Enforcer: [Anger] Gain 1 charge die every time an opponent makes a strike roll against you, regardless of it's success.
Destroyer: [Bloodlust] Gain 1 charge die for every wound you inflict.
Leader: [Compassion] Gain 1 charge die ever time one of your allies takes 1 or more wounds from a strike.
Soldier: [Glory] Gain 1 charge die each time you inflict a defeating wound on an opponent. In addition, gain 1 charge die after winning a conflict (after the regular halving of your Charge Pool).
Defender: [Love] Gain 1 charge die every time someone attempts a Strike roll against the person you are defending.
Minion: [Self-Loathing] Gain 1 charge die for each wound you receive from adversaries, 3 if from your sworn leader.
Nemesis: [Vengeance] Gain 3 charge dice (after the regular halving of your Charge Pool) after being defeated in a conflict (that is, all your wound circles were marked).


Characters have 3 traits, which describe who the character is. These could include special abilities, talents, things they care about, quirks, special tools, or any other descriptor that helps you and the other players get to know your character better.

You can gain a mark on a trait for playing a character scene. Traits that have been marked give you additional options during a combat scene.


Every character has three skills that they can use in conflicts. Once you've selected or created three skills, give one of them a rating of 4, one a rating of 3, and one a rating of 2. This is how many bonus dice you will receive when using that skill during a maneuver. Each time you use one of your skills, check it off. Once you have used all three, you will gain two bonus dice which can be split between your Charge Pool and Strike Pool as you see fit.

At this point your character should fit the following:
Action Pool of 10, with a Maximum of 10 Dice that can be put into this pool.
Empty Energon Pool, with a Maximum of 6 Energon dice that can be put into this pool.
A Defense of 1

everything else will be bought with Protocols

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