The Bogatyr

Secret Identity: Arkady Dragonovitch

Concept: Gentleman Gypsy
Passion: [Anger]
Mark of Power: His eyes are only shadows

Darkstrider: I fear no darkness-I fear no evil.
Shadowmancer: I am the night, I am vengeance for the innocent.

Melee - the Bogatyr is a master swordsman and quick with any blade
Brawl - the life of a Gypsy is brutal, and his smile is forged of brawn
Acrobatics - an agility that seems almost unnatural…

Body Resist: Does not suffer: Body Drain, Slow, Weaken, Poison
Darksight: Does not suffer: Darkness or Blinded
Leap Attack: 1 CD = 2 SD vs. I/1 SD vs. Sq or Sw
Shadowstrike: 1 CD = +3 to Strike vs. Blinded or Darkness suffering Targets
Darkness: 2 CD = Darkness Condition [-1 success to all rolls]
Strikeboost: Strikes = up to 8 Dice
Stamina: Action Pool = 12
Resilliance (x2): Defense = 3

Kiska - childhood love, daughter of the clan that denied his royal lineage among the Romany.

Anestia Sokolov - Apprentice to the dark witch Miche Belgrady (who is now imprisoned at the Bureau)
Brant Gentry - Duke of Aberdeen, a shire in the English countryside, who's prejudice toward the Gypsy knows no bounds.


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