The Reliquary

Welcome! Here, in this trove of wonder, you'll find the recorded knowledge of all things unique and splendid in the many Kingdoms. Be it a charm, a bobble, or an elder device of unknowable power, this charter is an exhaustive look at what powers can be bottled in the world, and what forces can be kept in your pockets.


Archaeus - The Sage Blade
Archaeus is a magical weapon handed down to those that would face the powers of Shadow. A weapon of Anu, bane of Nix, Archaeous has a spirit within it's steel that guides and trains whoever keeps it. No other can hear the voice of Archaeus but the one who wields the weapon, and only then if Archaeus deems the owner worthy.

Tonics, Elixirs and Poisons

Signature Devices and Custom Weapons

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