Monsters of Greymoore

Journeyman Thieves

Recently-initiated members of the Greymoore Thieves Guild typically travel in small groups for protection and are assigned all the dirtiest jobs. Higher-ranking thieves often use groups of them as distractions or muscle on dangerous tasks.

Journeyman Thieves Stats
Attack 1d6 Knives, Close
Tags Group, Stealthy, Intelligent
HP 6
Armor 1
Instinct Steal whatever isn't nailed down
Moves Snatch an unguarded item of value, Cause a distraction, Escape into the shadows

Ostric Darvish

An enforcer and skilled member of the Thieves Guild, Ostric Darvish is a skilled grappler and climber, renowned as a "second story man" good at getting into hard-to-reach places. His signature tool and weapon is a long length of strong chain ending in a blade-like grappling hook that he uses both to aid him as a climber and defend himself against all comers.

Ostric Darvish
Attack 1d10 Chainblade, Close, Reach
Tags Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent
HP 12
Armor 2
Instinct Serve the Thieve's Guild
Moves Disarm a foe, Take the high ground, Inflict poison

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