Monsters of Vindiel's Sorrow

Swamp Ghasts

Swamp Ghasts are the spirits of those who died in the magical cataclysm at Aelmere, bound by the ghost of its sorcerer-king Vindiel to forever guard their watery grave against intruders. They create bodies for themselves out of the plants and animals of the swamp. Destroying their physical form temporarily frees them from Vindiel's power, allowing them to briefly communicate with anyone present with great effort.

Swamp Ghast Stats
Attack 1d6 Rend flesh, Close
Tags Horde
HP 7
Armor 1
Instinct Guard the place of its death
Moves Drag a victim beneath the water, Attack from an unexpected direction


Vindiel was the last ruler of the city of Aelmere. Though small and isolated, Aelmere was known as a place of beauty and riches, guarded by its sorcerer-kings’ magics for hundreds of years. In his old age, Vindiel’s twin children warred for the throne and brought the city low. The magics involved poisoned the waters that poured in to fill the ruins, creating a vast swamp and giving rise to spirits and creatures that still haunt its fetid reaches, the greatest and most terrible of which is the spirit of Vindiel himself. Much like the lesser Swamp Ghasts, Vindiel forms a body for himself from the stuff of the swamp. His weapons are great spikes and blades of stone taken from the remains of Aelmere, and at the center of his body is an immense albino crocodile that serves as his head.

Vindiel Stats
Attack 1d10+1 Rending limbs of wood and stone, Close, Reach, Forceful
Tags Solitary, Huge
HP 30
Armor 2
Special Qualities Body of the swamp
Instinct Kill and bind the spirits of interlopers
Moves Use bound spirits as a weapon, Overwhelm with sheer size, Explode when killed

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