Of the Sunrise District

Being a record of the community that raised our heroes from their childhood, the now retired heroes of old, and guardians of the Sunrise District in Greymoore

Keepers of the Temple of Anu

Anu, goddess of Day, Sanctuary, and Crystals; who is opposed by Nix, goddess of Night, Corruption, and Ashes


Elise - Cleric of Anu
Stern, level-headed, dauntless


Octavia - Paladin of Anu
Bold, soft-spoken, mothering

At Graelys' Grimiores

Graelys, Wizard and Arcanist, now retired to keep the bookstore at the Sunrise District in order


Graelys - Wizard and Loreist - old friend to Elise, Octavia, and Emory
Stoic, well-read, a bit of a nerd


Gwendolyn - Bard
Daughter of Graelys, lute-player, long black hair, blue eyes.

The Seventeenth Outpost of the Red Guard

The Red Guard, warriors dedicated to a code of virtue and defense, founded in Redkeep, but posted throughout the many Kingdoms


Typher - Captain
Seasoned, proud, wise, and not what he once was
Typher joined the Guard many years ago, and refuses to retire.


Babbage - Swordsmaiden
Grim, dauntless, and more than a bit lazy
Babbs joined the Guard by her father's will, not her own, but her skills with a blade make her indispensable.


Vicar - The Hammer
Gruff, womanizing, brutal and tough brawler
Vicar was kicked out of Greymoore's city guard for being 'too violent.' The only reason he's not been kicked out of the Red Guard is because the 17th district is…not a very action-packed place.


Millhouse - Runt
Scrawny, less than brilliant, dedicated, practically useless
"It looks like a monster or something real big!"

Nearby to the District


Heron - Druid, travelar
Childhood friend to Gwendolyn, Sparrow and Arthem - Sparrow's oldest Crush

Emory - Ranger, herbalist
Familiar - Fox

Greymoore Home

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