Sparrow the Thief
Name: Alethia of Greymoore (more commonly called Sparrow)
Age: 17
Known Aliases: Roxette, Candy Darling, Miss Quickbux, Aunt Nancy, Kitty LaRue, Hellen Damnation, Steelboots, Peaches, Queen Stickyfingers, Stinkeye Sera, Sparrow Shadowhand.
Family: Mothers Elyse and Octavia, brother Arthem. Biological parents unknown.
Look: Flashing eyes, cute hair, dark clothes, lithe body
Nationality: Greymoorian Sparrow is a professional. When she spouts lor or discerns reality about criminal activities, she gets a +1.
Moral alignment: Chaotic. Sparrow gains one experience every session that she leaps into battle without a plan.
Bonds: "I wish Arthem would drop this whole Heron thing." "Arthem will be the good one. " "I will seduce Manas Dreching." (resolved) "I will help Arthem follow in Moms' footsteps." (discarded) "Arthem is unaware of the extent of my thievery." (resolved)
Strength 9 (+0) weak
Dexterity 16 (+2) shaky
Constitution 15 (+1) sick
Charisma 14 (+1) scared
Wisdom 9 (+0) X confused
Intelligence 13 (+1) stunned
Shadow 13 (+1) unknown
Damage: d8
Armor: 1
HP: 23
Gear: Dungeon rations, leather armor, 3 uses of poison, paired sais, ragged bow and arrows, healing potion
Trap Expert When you spend a moment to survey a dangerous area, roll +DEX. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold one. Spend your hold as you walk through the area to ask these questions: 1) Is there a trap here, and if so what triggers it? 2) What does the trap do when activated? 3) What else is hidden here?
Tricks of the Trade When you pick locks or pockets, or disable traps, roll +DEX. On a 10+, you do it, no problem. On a 7-9, you still do it, but the GM offers you two options between suspicion, danger, or cost.
Backstab When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee weapon, you can choose, to deal your damage, or roll +DEX. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. 1) You don't get into melee with them. 2) You deal your damage +1d6. 3) You create an advantage, +1 forward to you or an ally. 4) Reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it.
Flexible Morals When someone tries to detect your alignment, you can tell them any alignment you like.
Poisoner You've mastered to care and use of a poison (Serpent's Tears - touch, anyone dealing damage to the target rolls twice and takes the better result.)
Shoot First You're never caught by surprise. When an enemy would get the drop on you, you get to act first instead.
Poison Master After you've used a poison once, it's no longer dangerous for you to use.
Shadowheart When dealing with any person or creature that serves The Greater Darkness (except other bearers of the raiments), you automatically count as having leverage for the purposes of using Parley or similar moves, and you may add your Shadow modifier to your CHA for such purposes. Taking the Shadowheart move does not automatically create loyalty or servility to Nix, but it does mark you as being of the same power as her to any person, item, or creature that can perceive such matters.

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