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The Game World:

Skyreach is a world of ancient culture and magitech. They still rely on food gathered, hunted, and grown to survive, and have yet to begin any sort of mainstream factorization of society. Their world is convenient, however, due to the Five Magics (Elemental) and the fact that their magic can manipulate and re-produce the Five Elements through scrollwork and prayer chants. Their cultures travel among each other, using Airships for greater distances, and often traversing the mountain peaks via chain-link bridges that reach from peak to peak.

The civilizations all exchange one type of currency, a series of three Crystal chips called "Koins." The smallest being red colored, called "Rupies." The other two are larger blue or green colored shards, and are simply called Koins.
The whole of Skyreach speaks one tongue, the "True Tongue." There are, however, several other languages that serve as codes for the different guilds, military powers, or secret societies. These languages were invented, however, and not developed over time due to separation of cultures.
Class Systems
Loyalists - Remain true to which of the three kingdoms they swear oaths to.
Exiles - Criminals or refugees that hide anonymously among the kingdoms.
Merchants - Belong to Guilds of Trade, exist everywhere, but mostly within Vaar Andor.
Outliers - Hermits and unaffiliated folk living on smaller peaks out away from the borders.
Life is sacred, but reliant on the Five Elements. Honor is big in Kaitentachi, and enlightenment is big in Lao'Ashaan. Commerce and Koin is the only rule in Vaar Andor.
Arts and Literature
Poetry and Scroll Paintings are the biggest artforms in all three kingdoms. Some theater exists, mostly related to Dance, but there is little time for recreation when the mist below you is swimming with monsters.
Based on generating and shaping of the Five Elements (wooden wings for gliders, chain-launching grapplers, waterskins that purify and hold many gallons of water, 'guns' that shoot small or large bolts of flame or frost, etc)

  • Some clockwork exists
  • Some steam power is present
  • Some magitech "cybernetics" are around (see the hand of that shadow-guy in Ninja Scroll)
  • It's definitely pre-industrial

The Essentials

  • Regional Climates & Seasons
    • see the Questions section below
  • Food
    • Mostly Fruit and Fowl with some high mountain mammals
    • There are some vegetables growing close to the Mistline.
    • Some fishes can be found is pools and deeper streams that well up from the greater peaks.
  • Water
    • Mountain lakes are great treasures.
    • Mostly springs, creeks, and small rivers that whittle down the Mountain serve as water sources.
    • Many peaks are easy to build wells upon.

The Three Kingdoms:


The Kaitentachi Empire
Totalitarian society loyal to a singular Patriarch. Family ruled. The subordinate rulers are the Matriarchs. Each Patriarch marries as many wives as he sees fit for his rule, thereby making as many Matriarchs as he sees fit, dividing the kingdom's peaks equally among them. Matriarchs are the heads of the different Houses, each with their own responsibilities. Below the Matriarchs are the Reagents of the Iron Hand. These each are given one or more battalions to lead.
Lead by a mysterious and secret Council of Mystics. No real law exists here, but the Council is the final wisdom related to the Academies and the Wingmen. Academies are schools of various trades and traditions. The Wingmen are a special school of Eirwyn trained to travel and scout the edges of the map. Most of Lao'Ashaan is 'protected' by the powerful secret schools of technology and martial arts monks.
Vaar Andor
Entirely ruled by the kleptocracy of Guilds. Some of these are families handing down their Koin and power over generations, others are alliances of Tradesmen working together to build an economic empire. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Everything is possible in Vaar Andor.

The Three Races

[Majority of the populace]
(choose one of the following)

  • start with: Leadership
  • start with: Soul Resistance

[Humans born with wings]

  • start with: Flight - you have the ability to fly

[Humans born with claws, fur, keen eyesight, and a tail]
(choose one of the following:)

  • start with: Natural Grappler - you cannot be harmed by narration of falling

Major Groups and NPC's

(see Book Works)

The Iron Hand
Military Force of Kaitentachi
Thessak's Guild of Red Flame
Guild of Warriors that protect the Central City of Vaar Andor
The Temple of Elder Stones
Oldest school in Lao'Ashaan


Regional Climate and Seasons
Do you guys like a 'five seasons' theme to fit the 'five elements' or just a normal four season one? Do you want all the peaks to basically be the same kind of ecosystem? or do you want there to be 'frozen peaks' to the north, and tropical peaks closer to a possible equator?
Any questions or suggestions about gods, monsters, or the cosmology that you want to address now?


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