Concept - Bounty Hunter seeking redemption (age: 17)
Passion - Anger
Mark of Power - Burning Halo

Traits Skills
My sister's dissappearance lingers in my memory, i won't fail Spookytail. 4 Courage
Everything is a Circle, Life and Death. 3 Melee Weapons
A full stomach and warm bed, that's all I need. 2 Percieve
Action Pool Strike Pool Charge Pool
10 0 3

Defense = 4/5


  • [Flight]
  • Soulbound Weapon - The Dreamshudder
    • Power Strike
    • Quicken
    • Protection
    • Shock Aura
    • Elemental Surge
  • Weapon Upgrade III
  • Resiliance III
  • Life Transfer
  • Maneuver Boost

My sister, Brightwing, is gone
My people try not to be involved in mundane affairs

My unwilling rival, Bangorral

Personal Seed


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