Concept - A cute, spooky raccoon thief
Passion - Self-Loathing
Mark of Power - sometimes, Masks float above me

Traits Skills
These shadows are my shadows 4 Quickness
I don't trust Blacktips 3 Intimidate
I need my family back 2 Dirty Tricks
Action Pool Strike Pool Charge Pool
x x x

Defense = 2


  • Soulbound Weapon - "Firemask" - Area Strike, Elemental Surge, Fire Aura
    • Weapon Upgrade - "Undoer" - Banisher
    • Weapon Upgrade - "Thunder" - Powerstrike, Elemental Surge, Shock Aura
    • Multisoul
    • Multisoul
  • Quickdraw
  • Resiliance
  • Vampire Strike
  • Leap Attack

My Family is alive
People find me spooky
Cutest. Thief. Ever.

my family
i consider myself a hero
i am a good thief

Personal Seed


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