Chronicles of Skyreach

Chapter One: Cast Away

The Story:


— The fights had no point. I threw in some goals, because they seemed fun, but the fight didn't really mean anything. I see now why it's better to have a fight based on a character wanting something that is counter to the PCs. Moreover, something that is interesting, should the villain come out on top. This kind of streamlined, wide-open narration is so fast, so slick i'm having a bit of trouble catching up to it.
make a point for each fight

— My adversity was a bit weak. Dave pretty much one-shoted everything, even though all but one of the villains were swarms, his weak point. When the Crowned Demon finally showed up it was actually after i'd called the game (due to the late hour). But Dave said, "Let's just role and see what would have happened." He then threw down TWELVE HITS on a Strike role. He explained his character was built to be a one-on-one combatant (hence the kung-fu lifestyle). He one-shotted that guy, too. All in all this was not a bad thing. I was really just doing this to introduce the world, the character, and the both of us to the Beta system. In that sense it worked swimmingly. But it served best as a starting point for my first step.

— Q: Do you start with checked traits?
— Q: Can you use Skills on a Strike?
— Q: How do you determine how many Strike Dice you can hold? (what page?)

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