Dr. Drew's One-Shot Emporium
Anima Prime 1-Shots
The Betrayed
You have all betrayed the Syndicate. And now, in an effort to destroy anyone willing to threaten them, the Syndicate is pitting them in merciless combat against each other. There can be only 3 survivors, according to the rules. If you don't want to play, you die. If you don't fight to survive, you die. If there is more or less than 3 left standing in 24 hours, you all die.
The Storytellers
At the edge of the Steel Realms, on the borderlands of the bloody red rim of debris, there is a tiny pub called Meager's Rock. Gathered there are all manner of lost soul. Thrillseekers, outlaws, cutthroats, heroes and heroines. And tonight, they are going to tell their tales.
Until Death
Five powerful individuals, each with a special tie to the bride, are crashing an unwanted and dastardly wedding on an ecolite paradise; a forced union between a powerful corporate villain and the heartbroken daughter of the king. For love, for revenge, for money, for loyalty, these five in allegiance will stop at nothing to see the wedding halted, and the bride rescued.
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