Just Say No

A Drug Free America was exactly what Deacon Blake made his campaign on, back in the eighties, running for Mayor of New Coast City. It's been a good long run. And now that things are settled in his town, it's easy to just say no.
Unless you're actually on the streets of his city. Where the massive conspiracy of thugs that enforce his illegal drug testing dispense the product that will someday make his pharmaceuticals company rich beyond dreams.

There are two basic narcotics the denizens of NCC can't get enough of (provided they take their chances shooting up, rather than getting shot up). The first is a 'gateway' drug designed to hook the customer, giving them a wonderful high, and with the nominal side-effects of madness, violence, and comatose. The second is a mind-altering chemical that slowly eats away the very personality of the user, making them a mindless slave to Blake's will. The perfect soldiers.

In Just Say No the Heroes are all the hardened, ultra bad-ass Goodguys that have just lost someone special to them at the tip of a needle stabbed in their arm by the whims of Deacon Blake. In a war of vengeance and justice they climb the food chain of peddlers and thugs, past the heights of mindless killers and brain-washed slaves, to the ivory tower of Deacon's tyranny, ending the rule of villainy in New Coast City.

Players Characters
The Goodguys
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The Badguys
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Deacon Blake Self-appointed savior of New Coast City. Wealthiest in the metropolis, holds no office, but holds all the power.

Playtest One: Beginning at the End
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