Tales of Great Beledain

Over the hills, and far away…


This world is a place of vibrance and depth. Strong are the shadows that crawl through the trees, and reach to cover the moon. Warm is the morning sun, and clear are the horizons that reach out along the three roads. Gold are the hills of the Southern Fields, darkest green are the trees of Shalewood, purest blue are the waters of the Great River. Ever inspiring the landscape reaches on to the slate gray of the rocks, white capped by snow, fading into the clean skyscape of clouds that tumble over the horizon. Bright is the Sunset, and shining with silver is the night sky…

This is Beledain

The Two Maps
The Four Paragraphs
The Character Types

Tools of the Trade

Treasure Chest

Names and Faces

Legends, Lore, and Myth

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