The Four Elements of Beledain

The Lands

Beledain is a realm rich with the bare essentials. To the southwest the soil yields good wheat and rich barley. To the southeast the flatlands are perfect for grazing cattle and rearing young colts to become powerful stallions. Near to the town, but out of sight from the walls, one can travel to the northeast and find the Shalewood Forest, a very old site for timber and some rare berries and fruits. The northwest is where you will find the River Cardath rushing down from the summits of Mt. Dathgaard toward Shallowfell Lake.

The Trade

Beledain is not, however, a realm that produces meats, cheeses, or crops. Beledain has what it needs to be self-sustained, with food at its gate, wood at its borders, and clean water within its reach. But Beledain is not a town of trade for goods. Beledain is a town for the trade of secrets. Beledain is famous for it’s crossroads, and for the words that travel through it’s gates. Beledain is a kingdom of legends.

The Kingdoms

Many ages have come and gone since the world was made and the kingdoms of men rose to prominence among the many races that make battles and pacts across vast realms. Many legends have been written, many songs have been sung. But Beledain does not care to idolize the myth mankind seeks to become. Beledain is a place set apart from the titans that reach ever higher for the crowns they set so proudly on their own brow. Beledain sits in the middle, at a crossroads between these lofty worlds…

The Kingdoms of Men


Kingdom of Men to the East. A bright center of culture and corruption, wherein all who seek the truth must first learn the lies of society. Arden’thaal is as beautiful on the outside as it is rotten on the inside. The Reagents of Arden’thaal are always masked, to hide their true identities. Some say this is leadership by cult, others that it keeps anonymity among the rulers. Either way, the Masks of Arden’thaal are the absolute power within it’s borders.
While Arden’thaal may be wickedness with a mask, Mordekar is wickedness with pride. A black realm of slavery, suffering, and endless forges working the smithies of war. Under the heavy iron foot of it’s three Black Lords, Mordekar is a war-state now grown fat and weak under it’s own hubris. Content to brood, and to make idle threats at the other kingdoms of men, the Black Lords have closed all roads to their gated realm. As such, the roads once constantly traveled by slaves and black knights are now but ruts in the mud along the River Cardath.
Kingdom of Men to the West. A noble realm of paladins and clerics. Gethmane serves under a singular religion that worships the Great Light, a power that shines in the darkest of hours. The people of Gethmane are most often refuges of the dread Mordekar, or exiles of the Arden’thaal Kleptocracy. While Gethmane does not force it’s religion on others, it has little to offer those considered heathens by the religious hierarchy. Gethmane, it is said, sometimes keeps it’s doors locked as tightly as Mordekar.
Not so much a kingdom as a community, the many keeps of Sethrim are a string of oasis’ among the sands of the Sethraan Waste. They each swear loyalty to a Warlord that keeps them in defense of the creatures that lurk there, as well as any invasions from the other Kingdoms. Each Warlord is allied with the others of his kind, creating a network of small armies that span the burning lands.

The Kingdoms of Legend

The Courts of Vethpyr
The Vethpyr are a race of mystical creatures that live in the woods and wyldlands. To the northeast, where the Shalewood reaches toward Beledain, the Vethpyr have made truce with the town Elders, allowing them to take wood as necessary, in exchange for a festival of songs held once every solstice. The songs are to be performed by beautiful young virgins, both male and female, in the woods, at moonrise. As such, the Vethpyr of Shalewood have never been seen outside of this festival.
The Decivocht Armies
The Decivocht are a race of mystical creatures that live in the caves and dark places of the world. These are twisted creatures, with pig-snouts and tusks, slimey fur, and thick leathery skin. They have their own language, but they do not write or tell tales. They are debase creatures with only thoughts of malice and ambition to motivate them. They stick to bogs and undercaves, reveling in mud, muck, and stench.
The Flathion Clans
The Flathions are small creatures that hide in woods and burrows, among the roots of the trees. They appear to be men made of bark, with short, squat legs and four long, branch-like arms. Their eyes look like polished stones. The Flathions are a territorial race, but not war-like. They live in family clans, protecting whatever hill or woods their kin lay claim to. They are excellent craftsmen when it comes to woodworking, and will often trade with men for metal-crafted tools that aid their carvings.
The Arthwyn
The Arthwyn are a race of bird-men with bright red or orange plumage that appears like fire. They originally hailed from the southern realms, among the desert peoples. But over the ages have traveled across the whole of the world, making aeries in almost any climate or kingdom they come to.

The Elders

Beledain is not a kingdom. It is not a host of Warlords, or a religious keep. It is not ruled by one or more tyrants. Beledain is often guided by it’s council of Elders, but never made subordinate. The town is filled more with mercenaries and travelers than common folk, so the need for polotics is rare. The people of Beledain are mostly strangers only setting foot for one night within it’s walls, and the few who actually live within are friends. The commerce between Gethmane and Arden’thaal always travels along the Westering Road, wich passes through the safe-haven of Beledain. Fees are often paid for the direct travel and for safety from any raiders. Some goods are exchanged, and some travelers make it a regular route. You will often find currency from all four Kingdoms of Men. But in the end Beledain is separate from the world of politics and power; no one speaks blind patriotism, but keep their own opinion. Beledain is a place for the most tremendous of stories, kept among a wide perspective that looks out over the world in all directions. Coin can be spent, favors can be traded, only legends are told over and again without wear. Only stories get better the more you use them. And Beledain is the crossroads of all news to the Kingdoms. The city of secrets, and the nexus of accounts.

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