The Arms of Beledain


Battle Ax 3 red, 2-handed
Broadsword 2 red
Chainwhip 2 red
Crossbow 2 red, 2-handed
Cudgel 2 red
Flail 2 red
Greatsword 3 red, 2-handed
Handaxe 2 red
Heavy Crossbow 3 red, 2-handed, bulky
Longbow 3 red, 2-handed, bulky
Mace 2 red
Polearms 3 red, 2-handed
Shortbow 2 red, 2-handed
Shortsword 1 red
Sling 1 red, 2-handed
Spear 2 red
Staff 1 blue, 1 red, 2-handed
Throwing Daggers 1 red
Plate Armor 2 blue
Chainmail 2 blue
Shield 2 blue
Tower Shield 3 blue, bulky
Grieves 1 blue
Bracers 1 blue
Arcane Armor
Arcane armors are available in Beledain. They serve as weaker forms of martial armor, but each gives the wearer the ability to make a "Fighting While" role to add Green Hits to their Blue Dice in a separate pool to be used against Magical Attacks from Specific Domains.
Bonemail 1 blue
Bonemail is a weave of bones that serves as a rather weak armor, but neutralizes any Wylder Attack Spells
Bloodcopper Plate 1 blue
Bloodcopper was never meant to be an arms metal. It's too soft. It does, however, resist Soulstrike and other Alchemical attacks with double it's blue dice rating.
White Satin Robe 1 blue
Originally designed by the paladins of Gethmane, the White Satin used for these robes renders the wearer immune to any Shadow Attack Spells.
Shrouds of Ichor 1 blue
This heavy black cloth is the counter to White Satin from Gethmane. Manufactured for a war between the Paladins and Mordekar, Ichorshroud is a thick cloth as black as pitch and sticky to the touch. It renders the wearer immune to all Light Domain Attack Spells.

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