People of Beledain

A healer on the eastern side of the city. Keeps a shop open at all hours; some say he never sleeps. Wears a mask of the traditional order of Healers from Arden'thaal. Journeyed here only a few years ago, but his loyalties have been proven time and again.

A priestess of the Light, from Gethmane, now turned altruist and crusader in Beledain. Her ways are not kept secret, but she has never forced anyone into a conversation about her faith. The Light is her guide, Beledain is her home.

The youngest of the Elders, now turned 95 years old. Still competes in some of the local tournaments as a swordsman. Avid speaker, but quiet when not before a crowd. A champion for the oppressed from Arden'thaal.

InnKeeper and Bar-maid at "The Falling Stars." Has bullied people in the past, but the Elders have set her straight more than once. Enjoys a good brawl, enjoys even more the feeling of someone's nose breaking under her fist.

Watchman of the Northernmost Tower. Friends to the Vethpyr, and first to organize the Watches for each tower. A guard of Beledain for many years. A pikeman.

Storyteller at the square. A woman of many, many years. Even the oldest of the Elders do not recall when she first came to Beledain. Is company to anyone, but keeps a somewhat mystical view on things.

Weaponsmith to the Tower Guard. An enormous fellow with a loud voice and dark red hair. Claims to be able to forge anything better than the Alchemists could.

Shirri Hothet
A merchant and trader that makes a round trip once every four months to the burning lands of Sethrim. Very wealthy, but very stingy with his coin. Trades almost exclusively in the currency of the burning realms.

Breccus Silverfist
An Alchemist that does work only for favors, and never for money. Forges very mystical weapons as an aside, often keeping his livelyhood by forging effective plows or other farming materials for the heard-hands that roam the lands within the Old Wall.

Bulhd Thain
Head of the biggest Tournament in Beledain

A Shadowmancer that keeps an opium den in the souther part of the city. Sells many spices as a trader, but some say he's dealing mostly in the dark arts as favors of vengeance to the spiteful. Has had unfortunate run-ins with Aleria on several occasions.

Pitch Varno
A Pyromancer of some renown, now living in retirement at a young age. Claims he once killed an entire platoon of Decivocht single-handedly with potent fire-spells.

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