In attempt to stay true to the feel of the original Blackfoot Nation, "Money" will be replaced with "Favors." These can be traded literally as favors between members of the Tribe, and have the game-mechanical effect of essentially being the Minor Treasure "Money."

Dagger 1 Red
Thick Leather Mocasins 1 Blue
Thick Leather Gloves 1 Blue
Face Paint 2 Green (Social)
Eagle Feather 2 Green (Social)
Fine Clothes (For ceremonial, or All-Tribe Gatherings)
Winter Furs* (For Green Dice against cold)
Wooden Talismans (Focus for Shaman Magic)
Provisions* (Bread, Pemmican, etc.)
Bota Bag
Bison Horn Trumpet
Ceremonial Pipe + Tobacco
Eagle Feather (For ceremonial, or All-Tribe Gatherings)
Sled Dog +Green for going someplace with stuff
War Horse* +Blue for Mounted Combat
Message Bird +Green for sending messages

* Items given out as 'freebies' for a starting character in this campaign
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