a collection of items useful for solving situations

Painted Hides (Star Charts)

Painted Hides are handed down over several generations, showing prophecies laid out from ancient Tribesmen who's visions came true time and again. Acquired from the depths of the Spirit World on deep Spirit Quests, the images on the Painted Hides of a Buffalo can act as a map to the Spirit World when on similar Quests. adds to PRCP rolls

Pathleaf (Magnetic Compass)

An old Pathfinder trick for keeping in tune with the Great Trail, a small sacred leaf from the Northern Woods will always fall toward the Trail when dropped, as if blown by a breeze. Some Pathfinders keep ground herbs of this leaf in medicine pouches to detect the safest way to the Great Trail.adds Green Dice when trying to not get lost

Medicine Bags (Spellbooks)

The ways of the Healer and the Shaman are greatly aided by the Medicine Bag. Various herbs, ashes, bones, or variant of sacred objects can lend to memory, logic, and decisive thoughts when the Medicine Bag is worn or carried.adds to ARCANE rolls

Additional Available Maps:

  • Childhood Memory Perception, Arcane, Skill and Command
  • First-Hand Account Perception, Arcane, Skill and Command
  • Legends, Lore, and Myth Perception, Arcane, Skill and Command


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