The Tribe of Sky and Fire


  • Peace Chief: Myst Between Aspens (An old man of bold words)
  • War Chief: Gentle Thunder (A young woman of exceptional skill)
  • Healer: Snow on Ashes (a mystic found from destruction)
  • Pathfinder: Dark Day Born (a scout born during an eclipse of the sun)
  • Shaman: Three Falling Leaves (a madman? perhaps)
  • Shaman's Apprentice: Morning's Bright Flame
  • War Tactician: Bear Fist
  • Throws Arrows Like Grass (tactician, male)


answer to Red-Foot

  • Wolf's Ear (male)
  • Fell Three Stags (female)
  • Rides the Horizon (scout also, male)
  • Five Eagles High (female)


answer to Dark Day Born

  • Ember Twilight (a young girl with a great heart)
  • Rocks for Rain (a strong, tough young man)
  • Speaks Like the Forest (a silent girl as hard to hear as a falling leaf)
  • Still Waters (Ember's older brother, second in command to Dark Day Born)
  • No Meat Buffalo (retired, trained Dark Day Born)


  • Ages Like the Trees (storyteller, male)
  • Songs Like Reeds (Tanner, female)
  • Fire Belly (Cook, male)
  • Hands Like the Root (Sweat Lodge/Tepee designer, male)
  • Four Paws (dog trainer, female)
  • Drums with Wind and Rain (dance loreist, female)
  • Carries Winter (star-watcher, female)
  • Laughs With Fishes (emissary to the Lake People)

Additional Characters...

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