Blood and Bone Domain:

Fire of Healing Light
Medium: Fire + Burnable Something
Effect: Healing
Range: nearby; variable subjects
When this spells is cast the Shaman must burn something, igniting it with a mystical chant. Whatever the Shaman chooses to burn will vanish mystically at the end of the spell, leaving behind no traces of ash or smoke, and without burning the caster. The item cannot be aligned to any Domain magically (i.e. it must be a normal object, such as cloth, grass, or oil.) The light cast by the Fire of Healing Light is very bright, and a tiny lick of white flame will appear over any and all who the Shaman chooses (by thought) to receive healing, so long as they are within the reach of the spells light. Each hit in healing heals 1 DMG from 1 target. Divvy out the healing as you choose.
No Miscast: º___
Healing: ºººººº

Blessing of War Paint
Medium: Paint
Effect: Advantage (Red or Blue Dice)
Range: person painted
The Blackfoot Tribe is known for it's mighty War Paint blessings before battle. To cast this spell the Shaman uses a specially brewed paint from Lizard Blood, though the power is in the designs and not the paint itself. Once applied to the bare skin in the correct way the paint becomes a blessing on the warrior, which they can choose to take advantage of at will, whenever. When you cast this spell bank your hits as either Red or Blue. Then, in battle, spend your banked Hits to add +2 Red or +2 Blue Dice on your attacks or defense. Spell lasts as long as you've got Hits left to spend. Paint can be re-applied, or touched up, to Roll Again against Fading. To do so during Combat adds a Penalty of 3 from your Hits.
Fading: º___
+2 Red: ººº
+2 Blue: ººº

Strength of Ten Warriors
Medium: Paint
Effect: Transformation
Range: person painted
The Blackfoot Tribe is known for it's mighty Arcane Paint blessings before battle. To cast this spell the Shaman uses a specially brewed paint from Buffalo Blood, though the power comes from the designs and not the paint itself. Once applied to the bare skin in the correct way the paint becomes a blessing on the warrior, which they can choose to use at will. The spell gives the painted person a +1 or +2 Bonus for one round. To maintain the spell spend additional hits per round. Paint can be re-applied, or touched up, to re-cast and Roll Again against Fading. To do so during Combat adds a Penalty of 3 from your Hits.
Fading: º___
Strength Bonus: º+1 º+2

Earth and Sky Domain:

Arrows of Fire
Medium: Arrows + Talisman
Effect: Attack Damage
Range: flight of an arrow
In order to gain this ability the Blackfoot must first carve a talisman from burning wood. This is done by covering the hands with a layer of ashes that have been prayed over by a Shaman who is aligned with the Earth and Sky Domain, allowing the Blackfoot to carve the talisman while without being burned. Once this is done the talisman is linked to the Blackfoot that carved it, and they are capable of magically imbuing their arrows with fire. This spell does not have a standard 'no miscast' box by default, but if the talisman is destroyed the Blackfoot must repeat the ritual again before their power is restored. For Miscast Purposes the Spell requires one Hit be dropped into 'No Miscast' each time it is cast (not an increasing miscast number). If the player chooses to not place a Miscast Hit, the link to their Talisman is compromised, and they must roll a D6. If you roll a 1, the Talisman is made useless, and the quest to re-gain the Spell must be undertaken. Once cast, All hits become Fire Damage on a successful attack, limited to the number of arrows a caster has, and the range of the bow the Blackfoot is using.
No Miscast: ºººººº
Fire Damage: ºººººº

Reach of Lightning
Medium: Thunder Chant
Effect: Attack Damage
Range: line of sight
When a Thunderbird passes over a forest a blessing of sorts will sometimes happen. Lightning from the Thunderbird's wings will destroy all but a shattered and blackened stump of the tree with a single strike. What remains is touched with the essence of the Sky. If a Blackfoot is to find such a stump, and use a special chant to reveal the name of the tree's spirit, and touch the remains of the tree with their bare skin, a mark will be left upon them where the singed wood permanently burns their flesh. This mark, when later touched by the warrior with the hand they wish to use in casting the spell, and the name of the tree is spoken clearly, the Blackfoot can then throw a bolt of Lightning from their palm at anything their eyes can see. The strike will arch around obstacles that move between the caster and their quarry, striking with the loud clap of a Thunderbird's wings. All additional hits become Damage.
No Miscast: º___
Range: Touch = Free, Line of Sight º (nulls Green Dice vs. the lighting)
Lightning Damage: ºººººº

Breath of Waters
Medium: Prayer (Chant)
Effect: Breath Underwater
Range: self only
A common gift of the Lake People, the Breath of Waters is a sacred prayer one can speak in their mind that allows them to breath underwater. The process is perfectly comfortable for the person in prayer, and feels as natural as breathing above the surface. To successfully speak the prayer in one's mind they must know their own true name in the language of the Lakes.
No Miscast: º___
Duration: ºººººº

Path and Bow Domain:

Shelter of Smoke
Medium: Smoke & Fire, Chant & Dance
Effect: Protection
Range: nearby area; anyone within Tepee
An old spell of the Blackfoot Nation is the summoning of a shelter from fire-smoke. Simply build a fire of any materials, and then perform the Dance of Sheltering Smoke. The dance will cause the fire's smoke to surround the Dancer and their companions, turning into a black Tepee made from ashes and cinders. Inside the Tepee the air is warm and dry, providing shelter from even the worst of then Natural world (elements). The Shelter can also provide Alarm to anyone or anything that approaches, or hinder anything attempting to enter by force. If the Dance is done well enough, the spell can become a solid rampart of cinders even which hinders even spirits from passing through. The Fire must be maintained to sustain the Tepee. Spend hits on Alarm, Hinder (nature/people), and Prevent (spirits/monsters).
No Miscast: º____
Alarm: º
Hinder: ºººººº (each=+1 to White)
Prevent: ºººººº (each=+2 to White)

Path Strider
Medium: Blessed Smoke & Prayer
Effect: Revelation
Range: Line of Sight
Developed by the very first Pathfinders, this spell is a Prayer that manifests by smoking a sacred herb that can be collected and dried by the Pathfinder in many locations along the Blackfoot Trail. When smoked in a special wooden pipe, which is carved by the caster on a Spirit Quest, the herb reveals many magical paths leading to multiple destinations. The paths are illuminated in a trance-like vision that lasts until the pipe stops burning, and can lead to any place the Blackfoot can name by name. With some additional difficulty the caster can designate locations by description, such as "Where my sister is," or "The closest ravine."
No Miscast: º____
Destinations: ºººººº (Named=1, Described=2)

Rain of Arrows
Medium: Paint + Arrows
Effect: Special Damage
Range: Special Target
The Rain of Arrows attack allows the Blackfoot to imbue a single arrow with the ability to split into many. This grants the Blackfoot advantage when attacking against an area or a swarm of creatures. Originally conceived to battle the Nimerigar, the single arrow leaves the bow and suddenly splinters into a sea of identical missiles, covering the area, but never landing a blow against allies the archer is aware of. To cast this spell the arms must be covered in a sacred paint made from Crow's Blood and Feathers.
Fading: ººº ººº
Subject in Area: ººº ººº (+2 Red for an attack that affects anything within the area)
Swarm: ººº ººº (Double Damage Roll against Swarm)

Spirit World Domain:

Song of the Spirits
(A Warning Vision)
Medium: Vision + Chant
Effect: Revelation
Range: self only
By singing this chant the Blackfoot can close their eyes and then open them to see visions given by the Spirit World. What is revealed will be the closest threat they are seeking to understand.
No Miscast: º____
Details: ººº ººº

A Guiding Shadow
Medium: Talisman + Animal Part
Effect: Revelation
Range: self only
By carving or painting an arcane prayer onto something solid made of an animal's body (bone, horn, tanned hyde, etc.) the Blackfoot can summon the spirit of a departed animal. The spirit will guide the Blackfoot toward anything the caster can name or describe, giving them guidance at any decision point per revelation hit. The spell ends when you reach what you've named or described, or all revelation hits are used up.
No Miscast: º____
Revelation: ººº ººº

Medium: Chant + Weapon
Effect: Spirit Damage
Range: range of weapon
This song allows the caster to transform their weapon into a spiritual one. The damage done by the weapon is now supernatural, and ignores all Blue Dice when calculating hits.
No Miscast: º____
Duration (in Blows): ººº ººº

Wild Domain:

Voices of the Wild
(Sensitivity to Magic)
Medium: Chant + //
Effect: //Revelation

Range: self or a subject
This song allows the caster to see into the Spiritual Realm, peering at the surroundings with the Eyes of the Wolf and Eagle, and sensing things as an Animal Spirit would. First Hit is Detection, Second Hit is Identify. Third and Up Hits are Details.
No Miscast: º____
Revelation: ºDetect ºIdentify ºººº+ Details

Swift Feet of the Stag
(Super Running)
Medium: Dance
Effect: The ability to run very, very fast + "Quickness"
Range: self
Another gift from the wilds passed down mostly by Pathfinders, this dance gives the caster the ability to run like a powerful stag, unhindered by thicket and fast as the winds. When in Combat this spell serves as the ability Quickness for a number of rounds. When not in Combat the spell simply means the caster is moving with blinding speed.
No Miscast: º____
Destinations: Within Sightº Just over the Horizonºº More than a Days Travelººº (in one round)

Silent Stride of the Wolf
(Passage Unnoticed)
Medium: Dance
Effect: Silent Movement
Range: A Number of Deceptions
An old pact exists between the Blackfoot and the Wolfpacks of the Northwest. They do not hunt the Wolf. And the Wolf has taught them many secrets. One of which is their Silent Stride. To cast this spell the caster must accurately perform the Dance of the Wolfpack Quiet. At the end of which the Caster is now able to travel over any surface without making any noise. Each Hit allows you to pass one subject closely without their noticing you due to noises (because you are making none).
No Miscast: º____
Deceptions: ººº ººº subjects

Graceful Fall of the Eagles
(Resist Damage against Falling)
Medium: Talisman + Shout
Effect: Immunity to Falling Damage
Range: Damage Resistance
Legend tells of a Blackfoot Warrior who once saved the Lord of the Eagles from a frozen nest high in the mountains. As a gift the Eagle Lord taught the Blackfoot how to fall as a bird. The ritual for the caster involves a Spirit Quest to request the same gift from the Eagle Lord, as inheritor of the blessing by blood line. At the end of the Spirit Quest the Caster is given an egg. If ever falling the caster can shout to the Lord of Eagles, and the Egg will glow. So long as the Egg Remains intact the Caster cannot be harmed from falling to the earth. (This does not include falling into fires, onto spikes, or into waters that sweep the caster under and drown them. It's just falling damage.)
No Miscast: º____


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