being a record of the heroes and villains within the campaigns of Embercore


the Goodguys of Vythar Technologies

Brekka Archeress and Ally to the Elemental Elder Lord Meráthes Okenheart.
Emerellia Oakenheart Daughter and princess of Lord Meráthes Okenheart.
Meráthes Okenheart Elemental Elder of a forest Ecolite in the Seed Realms.
Dr. Vasi Skamar Specialist in AI and Computer/Robotic Sciences, founder of the Whitespace program.


"Doctor" Bester An arms dealer and Drone-Tech modifier. Works for Vector Corp.
Gravus A mercenary and bastard. Often associated with Basilisk Corporation.
Praxemus A Dronelord known for selling AI technology to corrupt Corporations.
Vexetor Slave to the Dronelord Praxemus.
Kessle Armored general working closely with the Cult of Ashes.
Donovan Blake Corporate Special Operations Executive, Alvis Mining Company.
Veranon Drone Giant, spider-shaped, destroyed aboard the exploding GNA ship Arkenstone.

Wild Cards

Varek Enemy to Kassad, former acolyte of same order, defected after death of sister.
Dailocke Mercenary, possible member of The Iron Ring, Cryomancer.

Good Orders

The Firemen A top-secret organization spread throughout several branches of Vythar Technologies.

Bad Orders

The Cult of Ashes A agency of humans that have rebuilt their bodies in likeness of the Drone, who they worship.

Mystery Groups

The Iron Ring A group of apparently allied mercenaries working for some unknown end.


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