"He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for." ~Moroccan Proverb

the Three Realms


The Realm of Fire

At the center of a solar system that once balanced several green and blue worlds is the Embercore, the remains of a sun. It was once a simple golden sphere, but since the Drone have taken to swimming in it's liquid fire the atmosphere has vaporized into a fog of black smoke, and the color has dimmed to a firy, bloody red. The Drone get larger, and more powerful, and live longer the closer you get to the center of the Embercore System. They rule with a more terrible sense of destruction within their borders. At the edges of their realm is the 'Debris Field,' where the end of their slowly growing empire has yet to swallow the remaining shards of the long lost planets they destroyed in ages now forgotten. Here the burnt remnants of harmony drift in a languid malaise of charred rock and warped metals.

The Realm of Steel

Humanity did not vanish altogether in the Decimation of the worlds. They clung to each bit of solid stone as they would cling to their hopes for salvation. Over the ages, as Drone and Elemental battered each other to a tired stillness, Humanity slithered through the ring of atmosphere that lingers between deep space and the Debris Field. Here, in the unspoken 'no-man's land' you now find all that remains of mortals. Building synthetic planetoids called "Metrolites," humanity has a series of cities that drift in slow orbit around the Embercore. Some of humanity has even found it's place on the larger chunks of planetoid remnant, called "Islands," by making peace with the lesser Elementals that rule them.

The Realm of Seeds

At the very edges of the Embercore's reach you find the last, greatest remains of the many planets. These larger "Islands" are each held together by the fragmented souls of the old system. These souls, or Nature Spirits, are called the Elementals. Each are aligned to a form of ecosystem that once existed on the planets before the Decimation, and all are rich with vast, mysterious capabilities. Their Islands, called "Ecolites," are covered over in their own thematic ecosystem, and can support life abundantly. So long as the life can live in harmony with Nature. Elementals are by default nurturing, and compassionate. It is unfortunate that something in the ancient past has cast out Humanity from their realms. An old grudge of distrust that still lingers to this day…


Built largely on the ruins of a world that was once lush and plentiful, Humanity now trades mostly in precious metals and seeds. A single, blessed seed can spawn crops for many families; a handful of gold coins can be enough to spare your torture at the hands of a greedy Drone. There are a few mints that still produce paper money for the remnants of society, but such currency is rarely exchanged outside of there Metrolites, or by the Corporations that manufacture these currencies.


While many languages survived the Decimation there are only a handful now spoken between almost all Human cultures. Secret codes are developed by the Corporations for internal, encrypted communication. And the Drone speak in an ever-evolving, ever-encrypting code of their own. Only the Elemental speak in a singular language that dates to an age before the war shattered the sky.

Class System

Of Fire
No known hierarchy exists for the Drone. Only the seemingly natural tendency to favor the larger, or more lethal of their breed, in a Darwinian system of constant destruction. Among the Drone there are a few that reach a level of sentience enough to give themselves names. These 'giants' among the monsters can carry on a conversation, given the inclination, but rarely act out of character for their species.

Of Steel
Each major Metrolite is controlled, maintained, and organized by the Corporations that created them. In the final days of the First War, which ended with the Decimation, only those with the greatest amount of personal resources and direct command were able to build the new cities that humanity would inhabit. Now, on some Metrolites, the rule of law is a multi-volume personnel guidebook. On other Metrolites the Corporation could care less about its denizens, so long as they pay their dues and keep quiet enough to go unnoticed. Each corporate safe-haven is as much a blessing or curse as it's founding boardmembers designed it to be.

Major Corporate Metrolites

  • Algron IX - Oldest Metrolite, maintained by the Alger-Remnon LLC. Most traveled Metrolite in the Steel, due to it's open policy to outsiders.
  • Sindria City - Biggest Exporter of P2tanks and various fuel sources. Almost all of SindCity is powered by giant Red-Gold solar panels.
  • The Vana Heights - A conglomerate Metrolite that is the center for power among several allied Corporations including: Rayer Frieght Transport, NYR Durasteel, the Knower Trinity, and the newest Majorcorp: Kai/Vaser Technologies.
  • Nastron Domain - a medical/military Metrolite ruled in an almost totalitarian regime by the infamous Helix Engineering, LLC.

Of Seed
The Decimation was the last of mans connection to nature. And though many rumors and myth surround the reasons why Elemental realms refuse to nurture humanity, the two worlds are not without interaction. There are twelve sovereign Ecolites that are homes to orders or societies of mortal denizens.

Major Elemntal Ecolites

  • Thunderwood - Largest population of Humans in the Seed Realms
  • Meadowgate - a veritable paradise whose sovereign welcomes humanity, though very distant from the Core.
  • Wolfwood - Closest to the Core, serves almost as a retreating place for Steel Realm forces in retreat from the Drone
  • Songhaven - known for it's order of ambassadors that serve as emissaries between the Ecolites and the Steel Realm
  • Frosthaven - a frozen Ecolite that is outside of the Mirrorpattern, biggest export is water
  • Shadowrock - a sparsely populated Ecolite that is mostly stone
  • Stillwood - a series of human citadels among a vast, eerily quiet forest
  • Valewood - a misty forest among many ravines tethered together by vines
  • Silverwood - known as the Ecolite where the Elementals bring their grievances against humanity
  • Ollerus - a giant forest and jungle ecology that has actually grown out of an abandoned Metrolite


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