Lys Valerie

Concept: French Assassin and Spy, Fiery Vixen
Mark of Power: Bright red sexy hair

Passion: Compassion

Character Traits: Skills:
4 - Subterfuge
3 - Stealth
2 - Quickness
Wounds: 3 Defense: 4
Action Pool: 10 Strike Pool: 6 Charge Pool: 8

1 - Resilience Increase Defense by +1
2 - Resilience II Increased Defense: 4
3 - Hide [1CD] Can Refresh for 1 Round and not be attacked until her next turn
4 - Restore [1+CD] Removes Blindness or Poison from 1 Character
5 - Shield [2+CD] Grants the Shielded Condition to 1 Character
6 - Quicken [2+CD] Grants the Quickened Condition to 1 Character

Spy Skills
7 - Evasion [3CD] This condition is applied to an Individual only, they cannot find or attack you until you deal one wound to them.
8 - Stealth Attack [2CD] Adds three bonus dice to someone you're Evading
9 - Surprise Attack [1CD] Add two bonus dice to attacking a Squad or Individual, one to a swarm



Character Story Seed:


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