Tales of Beledain

Chapter One: Captured!

The Story:


XV 0 none


—XV makes all the difference. Just stacking on a few new Abilities makes your character noticeably powerful. My original assumption was flawed. I was looking at a lot of the one-shot-kills going on, and saying, "That was done by someone who just roled up a new character." Forgetting that the 'new character' gains XV equal to that of the highest character in the group. I thought i was just making my monsters too wussy. I didn't realize: i've basically been dealing with leveled characters this whole time. So: don't make monsters that suck. Pay attention to your characters over-powered skills. But also be ready to real it in, if they are actually new pc's, and not bolstered by group XV.

—I created a cool spell (at least i think so) that allows the caster to dis-arm the enemy. The spell relies on freezing a weapon, so that it shatters upon contact. They can even spend one box to have the spell go off without the person noticing the effect (for dramatic purposes). But when David first tried to cast it, he had enough hits for multiple targets, but not enough targets to attack. He asked if he could attack the Mob with it…but how would i do that? A good question to deal with in my spells. Should i also allow the freezing of armor?

—I am absolutely loving the "Monster Cards" i started to write up. It's just an index card sized piece of paper with all the details about a Monster on it. The best thing so far is that you can write up enough Monsters to get you through the night based on a large group, and if only a few show up you only play a few cards. Instead of throwing the same sized villainy at a variable group of heroes, you just play what's appropriate, and tally up the XV at the end of it all. Bam! Just like Emeril.

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