Tales of Beledain

Chapter Two: A Dangerous Escape

The Story:


due to the horrible results of the last game, and in order to fully simulate the nature of our heroes procuring a cart-full of stolen treasure, i have elected to reward them with 12 XV worth of treasure, instead of the standard 6. I have also elected to give this treasure to them both, instead of splitting it between them.

XV 6 6 Minor per player


—This is way easier than playing the Tribe of Sky and Fire.

—The Ending was ignored. Left the whole thing kinda anti-climactic. They'd just escaped! Fought War Dogs! Built a makeshift Raft! They were ready for the rest of Hrothgar's men to show up, and for the Raft to sink, and for the distance to be too far… but then i'm like: "hey, you made it home! Take some XV and let's go to bed." There could have been something at the end to make it more punchy.

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