Tales of Beledain

Chapter Three: Over the Hills…

The Story:


XV 21 (+2 for returning the horses alive) Two Major and one Minor


From David : Strength is a requirement, not an option. If you don't have strength then you can't cast spells, even as a spellcaster type. I said, No at first, but then he explained that with a low strength anything that attacks you will hit you, and then your spell doesn't even go off. So, despite not wanting a strong character, to mechanically survive he had to build one. Even without Combat Magic you'll run into trouble. I throw a lot of swarms at them, and the new rules claim that a monster can attack anyone in it's reach. This means a Spellcaster has to have a pretty tremendous Arcane, but also a strong enough Strength to defend against attacks. This, i feel, could be changed for the better.

—What's the deal with no limit to Command?

The Beginning of the House Rules
This game marks the end of the straight-attack to playtesting. From here on out we're going to start house-rulesing the game, to see what happens. First thing i offered was "What if you roll your Srength to add Red or Blue to a Brace or Charge?" and the first thing David said was "Then all you'd ever need was Strength." He's got a good point. Gotta figure a solution for this.

—is having a loot system too much? what about a clever 'kids math' system, like Yeld? Right now we're going to start the House rule of "Monies." One "Monies" (refered to as a purse, in game) can be exchanged for an item on the Gear list, or for special items bought from craftsmen that can make it.

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