Tales of Beledain

Chapter X!: An Auspicious Interlude

The Story:


XV 18 One Major, 8 Minor

as much as i'd like to claim responsibility for this, i gotta tell the truth: it's all Ogre, baby.

Substantial Treasure 1
One Pink Huffy girls bike with a Banana Seat and a White Basket on the Front (plastic)
Minor Treasure 8
One Carton of Cigarettes (Pall Mall)
One copy of the June '86 issue of Hustler magazine
6 pack of PBR
Case of Ramen Noodles
Case of Fun-Size Sour Cream 'n Chive Pringles
Mickey Mouse Tie
"Over 50 & Feelin' Frisky" keychain
"Git'r'done" trucker hat


Command is not broken. But for now it's got some pretty big loops to hole. I think David put it best in a conversation with Jackson and me. It's a great system for a bar-brawl. Because it's like that. It's you, your friends, and the guy you gotta hit. They stand behind you, yelling, "Yeah! You can do it!" and slap you on the back. When they've done enough Red Dice Dealing you rush up and throw a punch, utilizing all of their buffering to hit harder than you should be able to.

That being said, i don't want to see it taken out. Or Tactical Constraints. I want them both to be checked so they are comparable to Charging or Bracing.

Also, I gotta say this is one of the most fun game-mechanic ideas i've ever played. The "What are you going to do?" followed by "Okay, it went this well, which means…" and finally "Action!" It's solid awesome. You throw down a carpet bombing of dice and then use them like improvisable pieces to a puzzle with an image that you make up as you put it together. Super. Fun. Capital F.

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