Concept: Native Guide and Mystic
Mark of Power: Powerful beyond his meager frame, Faster than he seems

Passion: Vengeance (modified)
At the beginning of each Combat, name one opponent as your Nemesis. Each Strike the Nemesis makes against you grants you 2 Charge Dice. If a Nemesis leaves Combat (full wounds or achievement: escape) a new Nemesis can be declared as the player's turn.

Character Traits: Skills:
4 - Perceive
3 - Stealth
2 - Feint
Wounds: 3 Defense: 3
Action Pool: 10 Strike Pool: 6 Charge Pool: 8

1 - Darksight Not Blinded or affected by Darkness
2 - Charge Boost Skamar can hold 8 Charge Dice in his Charge Pool
3 - Resilience Increased Defense: 3

Mystic Arts
4 - Life Drain [6CD] Victim takes 1 Wound and Skamar heals 1 Wound, does not affect Squads or Swarms
5 - Life Transfer [6CD] Victim takes 1 Wound and 1 other player heals 1 Wound (Skamar's Choice, must be present)
6 - Poisoning Vapor [2CD] A blast of concentrated vapor that inflicts the Poisoned Condition on one target (Individuals only)
7 - Iron Palm Strike [3CD] 4 Bonus Dice vs. Individuals, 3 vs. Squads, 2 against Swarms
8 - Firebreather [3CD] A blast of flames: 4 Bonus Dice vs. Swarms, 3 vs. Squads, 2 Vs. Individuals
9 - Precise Attack [1CD] A thrown weapon or pin-point strike, adds 2 Bonus Dice to the Strike



Character Story Seed:


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