Snow On Ashes

Snow On Ashes

Player: David Drake

Snow on Ashes is the tribe's only healer; at roughly age 17, he is already a trusted member of the tribe's leadership. He was not originally a member of the Tribe of Sky and Fire. When he was about six years old, during the dead of winter, he was found in the ashes of a destroyed encampment, the only survivor.

Attribute "on the line" "in the box"
Arcane 6 6
Command 1 3
Perception 4 5
Skill 4 5
Endurance 6 6
Strength 4 5

Experience: 43 gained, 25 unspent


Alignment: Blood and Bone Domain
Combat Magic (gained Spirit World domain)


Staff (+1 red, +1 blue)
Moccasins ( +1 blue )
Battle Leathers ( +2 blue )
Wood Talismans (used in healing and casting)
Horse: A gray mare named Shade


Legends Myth and Lore
Spellbook (Takes the form of his familiar spirit, a crow named 12 Nights Dead, which was "upgraded" to a fire spirit)


Ages Like Trees


Fire of Healing Light
Blessing of War Paint
Shelter of Smoke
Soul Strike

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