Additional Characters

The Tribe of Bone and Shadows

  • Chief: Ten Arrows Strong (male)
  • Shaman: Watches by Moonlight (old male)
  • Shaman's Son: Speaks to Serpents (male, dead)
  • Tanner: Laughs at Flowers (female)
  • Tanner's son: Climbs With Birds (male)
  • Tepee Maker: Song of Grass and Reeds (female)
  • Huntress: Teeth of Ten Winters (female)

The High Council

  • Councilor Chief of the Rivers and Stones Tribe: Falling Rain and Thunder
  • Councilor Chief of the Root and Grass Tribe: Seven Oaks of Tall Reach
  • Councilor Chief of the Eagle and Dove Tribe: Unbroken Horse of the Distance
  • Councilor Chief of the Cloud and Rain Tribe: Old Man Whispers

The Lake People


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