Cosmology: The Animal Spirits

For purposes of the game i'm going to lay out some basic Cosmology

From the Top

Basically there will be a three-tiered hierarchy in the natural world of Animals.

The highest is the Tribe of Spirits, presided over by Four Chiefs (The Fish, Frog, Lizard, and Turtle). This Tribe consists of one representative Animal of each species, capable of speaking with a Spirit voice in any language People or Animals speak (and it looks like the way the animal-gods speak in Mononoke, awesome!). They each have a name that is sacred and secret, and a name the Tribes know them by. These are high and powerful beings; to see one or be in council with one is a frightful and wondrous thing. They rarely meet with Humans, and only in times of great happening.

The middle tier is the world of the Spirit Animals, or "Spirit Guides." These are sentient creatures that speak with emotions instead of words, but can tether themselves to a Human soul, and bridge the gap between words and feelings. These creatures give up their visceral selves in order to connect with their Human counterpart, becoming exalted in the process. Despite whatever amount of ages they might see as an animal, as a Spirit Companion they live as long as the human they have chosen. Their lives are intertwined. These are creatures often sent by the Tribe of Spirits to guide or encourage worthy Blackfoot men and women. Spirit Animals do not have a name, just like any regular animal, but they are almost always named by their Human counterpart. This name is sometimes chosen by the Human, sometimes chosen by the Animal.

The lowest tier is the world of the Animals themselves. The cycle of life, and the roaming of predators and prey, herds and packs. These are creatures that live by the simplest truths of life and survival. Most sacred among them to the Blackfoot is the Buffalo, who's entire visceral form is used to sustain the many Tribes that hunt them. It is not uncommon for a Tribal Hunter to spend many hours in prayer over the remains of his kill. These creatures, as with all creatures spoken into existence by the Great Spirit, are sacred.

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