Trail of Sky and Fire

Chapter Three: The Rock Keepers

The Story:


XV 12 One Substantial Treasure, two Minor Treasures

A Major Alliance with the friggin' Sasquatch
Two Favors


—i'm not giving out enough info. I'm holding back info for some reason. felt like there was not enough mystery. and that places that should have been interesting ended up being boring with nothing to offer. First Complaint of players: not telling them anything good on Perception and Arcana roles.

Players did not like that i was not giving them enough from their Perception/Arcana roles. They felt like they were getting awesome roles and i was saying, "Great. You really, really don't know nothing. Awesome." Which was frustrating.

They also mentioned that some of the scenes rendered them impotent. Ben had the brilliant observation that i've shot myself in the foot by giving the Wizard a theme of the Unknown. That means no matter how often they get a good Perception/Arcana role i'm supposed to short-change them. Because the "Don't know." The scenes, however, could have done something to fix that. They mentioned two in particular: The Rock Speaker scene and the Spirit World scene. Originally they had both been designed as simple 'color' for the game. Meant to do no more than show them what the Rock Keepers were like, and what it would be like if they entered the Spirit World. The result, however, was frustrating for them. They felt like the scenes were extraneous, giving them nothing do to but wait for me to tell them what happens next.

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