TMNT Prime

A list of proposed mods for playing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game using Anima Prime. This is a work-in-progress that I'll be updating as I go.

Name, Concept, and Mark

The most common characters in TMNT are mutant animals, but other possibilities include robots, aliens, dimensional travelers, and demons.

Passions & Traits



Unchanged, but add Martial Arts and Improvised Weapons to the list of available skills.


This is where the biggest changes come into play. Some powers are unavailable in a standard TMNT Prime game, some are more restricted, while others simply require an adequate explanation of their use. For example, the Blindness charge power could be used by a mutant skunk to represent spraying its natural chemical weapon in an enemy's face. For a more conventional ninja, it might represent a smoke bomb or blinding powder.


Many Anima Prime powers are based on using one of three elements: Fire, Electricity, and Ice. In TMNT Prime, the elements are replaced with Fighting Prowess. The three forms of Fighting Prowess are Strength, Speed, and Precision. This assumes a game where you are focusing on Martial Arts, and characters that are similar to the Original Four. Some unusual mutants, aliens, or other creatures may make use of the original elemental attacks/defenses as well, but this should be rare.

Passive Powers

Unchanged: Achievement Boost, Body Resistance, Charge Boost, Darksight, Leadership, Maneuver Boost, Resilience, Squad Tactics, Soul Resistance, Stamina, Strike Boost, Tactical Maneuvering, Toughness

Modified: Add the following powers: Agile Defense, Bracing Defense, Flawless Defense, and Inflamed Passion.

Restricted: Resistance to Electricity, Resistance to Fire, and Resistance to Frost are restricted to unusual mutants, aliens, or other creatures at the GM's discretion.

Remove: Gate Sense, Skipping, Spontaneous Gating

Charge Powers

Unchanged: Blindness, Brighten, Conjure Darkness, Force Attack, Guard, Heroics, Leap Attack, Mass Effect, Nightvision, Poison, Refresh, Restore, Shadow Strike, Slow, Super Combo Strike, Superior Power Control, Weaken, Whirlwind Attack

Modified: Dispel is renamed "Break Defense"; Empower is renamed "Offensive Maneuvering"; Quicken is renamed "Strategic Maneuvering"; Rise of the Phoenix is renamed "Treat the Wounded"; Shield is renamed "Defensive Maneuvering"; the mechanics for these powers remain the same as the original. Add the following charge powers: Punishing Blow, Pummel, Pinpoint Weakness, Efficient Force, Rain of Blows, and Army of One.

Restricted: Blaze, Body Drain, Chain Lightning, Elemental Surge, Firestorm, Frost Spikes, Ice Hurricane, Life Drain, Life Transfer, Vampiric Strike, and Zap are restricted to unusual mutants, aliens, or other creatures at the GM's discretion.

Soulbound Weapons

It is potentially possible for characters to have soulbound weapons in a TMNT game, but like elemental powers, it is very rare. Instead, many characters will have one or more Special Trainings, which mirror Soulbound Weapons in character creation. Special Training includes martial arts styles, military training, and other such skill sets. When creating Special Trainings, use the rules for Soulbound Weapons with the following modifications:

Special Training Powers

Modified: Replace Soulbound Weapon with Special Training; replace Weapon Upgrade with Advanced Training; replace Quickdraw with Versatile Training; replace Improved Grip with Unshakeable Training.

Remove: Soulsmith, Immediate Imbuement

Special Training Effects

Unchanged: Area Strike, Charge Boost, Maneuver Boost, Multi Strike, Poison Immunity, Power Strike, Strike Boost, Weakening

Modified: Rename Cursed to "Ki Strike"; rename Poisonous to "Poisoned Strike"; rename Protection to "Guarded Stance"; rename Quicken to "Acrobatic Maneuvers"; rename Shining to "Blind Fighting"; rename Soulcharge to "Ki Charge"; these powers otherwise function identically to the original. Replace Ultimate Weapon with Master Training. Add the following special training effects: Aggressive Stance, Defensive Agility, Defensive Strength, Defensive Precision, Focused Skill, Honed Prowess, Precision Training, Speed Training, Strength Training.

Remove: Banisher, Charged Summoning, Electricity Resistance, Elemental Surge, Fire Aura, Fire Resistance, Frost Aura, Frost Resistance, Pneumatic, Shock Aura, Summoning Gateway


TMNT Prime characters do not normally have access to Summoning.

Sample Characters


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