Name: Raphael
Concept: Troubled loner
Mark of Power: Human-sized mutant turtle

Passion: Self-Loathing

Character Traits:
"I am the strongest of my brothers."
"Crime never rests; neither can I."
"Sometimes I just need to be alone."

4 - Martial Arts
3 - Strength
2 - Stealth

Wounds: 4

Action Pool: 10

Strike Pool: 8

Charge Pool: 8

Defense: 2 (3 with Ninjutsu)

Powers: Advanced Training (x1), Charge Boost, Force Attack, Inflamed Passion, Pummel, Punishing Blow, Special Training (x1), Strike Boost, Toughness

Special Trainings:
Ninjutsu - Master Training [Acrobatic Maneuvers, Blind Fighting, Focused Skill: Stealth, Guarded Stance, Maneuver Boost]



Character Story Seed:

TMNT Prime

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