Mission 01 - Phoenix

From the Ashes

Hunter Mark 411 Ricky
Yuri Dragonov Mark
Kassad Jacob
New Agents
D.A.V.I.D. Bryce


Mission Briefing

Agent Myrun Spectre, talent scout for Vythar Tech, has been missing for 6.5 weeks. Freelance contracts are all that know of her sudden disappearance. Suspected party's involved in this disappearance are the Cult of Ashes, a Drone Worshiping Cult given sanctuary by Helix Engineering, LLC.

Mission Objective

Locate and extract Agent Spectre

Plot Points

  • Investigated the "Spectre" character
  • Found a gathering of the Cult of Ashes holding her hostage
  • Returned Myrun Spectre to her corporate home, Free City Midarch
  • Joined Vythartech Industries as full-time employees


Following the leads they have from their brief encounter with the mercenaries on Meager's Rock, the team of Hunter Mark 411, Yuri Dragonov, Kassad, and D.A.V.I.D. find their way to an abandoned Metrolite near the Realm of Fire. It was destroyed long ago by a massive splinter of stone from the Debris Field, which impaled the city, crippling it, and leaving it empty. Now the city is infested with the Cult of Ashes, whose intention is to re-create Myrun Spectre in their own image.

After crash landing the ship they 'borrowed' from the mercenaries, the four freelancers managed to find their way through a pack of Drone Dogs to the top of a skyscrapper still intact. There they battled a worn and half dead power-suiter called Kessle, and his partner, the frigid warrior Dailocke. Kessle, already wounded from his fight with Myrun to capture her, proved little threat, but his alliance with Dailock was lost as the battle swayed from their favor. Dailocke fled to the stars, leaving the Metrolite to explode, a result the Cult had decided upon.

After safely diffusing the explosives, and freeing Myrun from what remained of the scattering and frightened Cult, the four returned with her to Free City Midarch, where they learned why she had sought them out in the first place. Myrun was a Scout for a small, slowly growing Corporation: Vythar Technologies. Vythartech, for short.

As scout for Vythartech, Myrun's job is simple. Secretly find and recruit capable allies to join a specialized team of would-be heroes. This top-secret allegiance is called The Firemen and they work for heafty contracts, against terrible threats.

The four take a tour of the facilities on Midarch, learning about their options. They are guided by Mira Dekaiden, who bears no power mark, but commands a great respect. After some consideration, it is decided that all four will accept the full-time contract and become Firemen for Vythar.


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