Episode I - Session 00

Ages ago, when the hyperdrive was new and space was a limitless mystery, the Jedi Order had already grown beyond the reputation of Legend and Lore. Their temples and archives hold secrets long since forgotten, and their teachers hone lessons and axioms as relevant to the modern Republic as they were to the first to sense and control the living Force.

Session Zero: A Master and a Friend

In the multi-faceted district of Coruscant known as Floradawn there is an ancient parish of the Jedi Order. A school for a small number of students, kept and continued entirely by the will of one master, Osrem Mirronde Ardona. With only a handful of protocol and security droids with her in her home, the elder master is a gentle soul, adamant pacifist, and kindly soul. It is said she never learned how to wield a lightsaber, and her powers in the Force illuminate unseen and brilliant new paths for any student willing to train with her.

Unfortunately the Parish called Ardendale has been known throughout the Order more as last ditch effort for two kinds of student: those too afraid to step outside of the safe houses and archives of the Order, and those so embittered with anger that Ardona may, in fact, be their last chance to pass the Trials, or forever been relegated to a path among the Order that is defined by a volatile connection with the Dark Side.

Despite this reputation, not ever student ends up at Ardendale with anger or fear to define their soul. Sometimes, after a few hand-shake deals made by their parents, a student of the Force might end up the padawan of Ardona because, after all is said and done, their parents know they will be kept safe in Ardendale. A good distance from any violence that might come true for most Jedi.

Which is why Zaia Ohm pulled a few favors with her new Masters in the Order to have her daughter, Veya, placed in the hands of the eldest Lurman to teach the ways of the Force.

On this first morning, as Veya rushes out the door with her personal best friend, HP-99, the duo are first to arrive in Ardona's presence. And first to hear what she will say to all her new students, "I may be your Master, but i'm also your friend." A ritual phrase she has said many times, and repeated verbatim to each new student that joined Veya in the parish.

Enter: Veya Ohm, HP-99, Jedi Osrem Mirronde Ardona, Padawans: Kara Wakemoon, Seyvren Srin'Sornne, Durggle, Breach, Lordling Cabot Draugthers, Princess Edalia Brannen

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