Episode I - Session 1


The hours spent in training at Ardendale are serene. The contemplation of the Force, and the essence of life, and the balance of will. It is an inward journey. And one that is often hard for a handful of adolescent misfits.

Amidst taunting, fighting for a place among the parish facilities, and spending their first evening away from the watchful eyes of their new Master, the padawans of Ardendale managed to establish the first signs of allegiance, and rivalry. By nightfall it was obvious that no such youth among them had yet really grown up.

So, sitting awake in her new bed, Veya watched the ecumenopolis beyond the walls and wondered… why was that guy in his undergarments trying to climb out a window several stories above the street?…

Before long it was obvious that this individual was in search of an escape. Seemingly unafraid of the clearly lethal fall, he wished his barely-dressed companion farewell with a kiss, and then … leapt safely to the ground below. Meanwhile, all around him, security droids surrounded his exit, cut him off, and trapped him long enough for an angry father to come fighting past his hysterical daughter. In only a moment they would have him taken to whatever facility the wealthy can afford to banish street scum away to.

Instead, with help from her friend HP-99, Veya had already acquired the young man's speeder, and came rushing in just long enough to confuse and shock the security droids, and hoist this stranger away. As the droids gave chase on the speeder bikes behind them, the scoundrel in tow handed his lightsaber to Veya, asking her to keep their back safe. Which she almost did. Then, with an assist from their droid pilot, they managed to eliminate their companions with a sound charge, and escape narrowly into the city core below.

Once away from the threat, Veya orchestrated a deal in her favor. Combat training with the Force, in exchange for time doing "favors" for this new scoundrel, explicitly including HP-99 in that package.

As they left, the drifter gave them one name: "Skifter." And so they arranged to meet again in one week.

Enter: Oskif "Skifter" Shaarne
Noteworthy Characters: D'Raggor, Gorlyk G'rebon, A'mira G'rebon

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