The Last Word in Hunter Patrol Droid Technology

Stats for a Droid are essentially the same, as all of their attributes are similar enough to any organic beings. The only major difference being how they sustain their form.

Elements of a Droid
Power Core This Stat (from 1-5) represents how powerful the Droid's inner power source is.
Power Converter This Stat (from 1-10) measures how much of the Droid's Power Core is being siphoned into it's various forms of hardware.
Active Systems This Stat (from 1-5) represents which Software Programs are currently running.

The Power Core is rolled to refresh the Power Converter.
The Power Converter represents 1-10 points that can be distributed or 'burned up' like a fuel to run different Software and Hardware.

Active Systems represents how many Software Programs can run at once. Each Software package grants some kind of bonus to the Droid when it is active.

Hardware is any other device that might plug into the Droid's main power supply in order to operate.

HP-99 Software Systems

Software Package Details
Software ID Status - if it's Factory, Modified or Custom Bonus - Mechanical advantage/rules
Notes - about the use/details
Current Software Installed for HP-99
Targeting Systems Factory Standard Reduce Difficulty by Active Systems Stat
Whenever the Targeting System is activated HP-99 can reduce the difficulty of all ranged attacks by a number equal to their Active Systems Stat. This only applies when using weapons that are Factory Standard or properly installed for integrated use.
Combat Systems Factory Standard Reduce Difficulty by Active Systems Stat
Whenever the Combat System is activated HP-99 can reduce the difficulty of all melee or unarmed attacks by a number equal to their Active Systems Stat, so long as they are fighting against a number of enemies equal to or lower than their Power Converter Max Rating
Tracking Systems Factory Standard Zero Glitch Bonus
Whenever HP-99 activates their Tracking Systems they can re-roll all 1's when attempting to seek out their quarry, or any paths or evidence of their quarry.
Guidance Systems Modified Software Additional Ability
HP-99 has been upgraded with Software that allows him to remote navigate using a specially installed device. This was mostly utilized back on Thyssa for remote-controlling other Drones or Scouting equipment. When attempting to control and remote another sentient Droid, after slicing the chasis, HP-99 can dedicate one Power Converter Point to puppet the Droid.
Slicing Software Custom Reduce Difficulty by Active Systems Stat
HP-99, at some unknown point, was upgraded and modified to serve as a hacking Droid. The software coded and installed in this package is rare and unknown, and highly effective.
Piloting Software Factory Standard Zero Glitch Bonus
With Piloting Software activated the HP-99 Droid can re-roll any 1's on any attempt to pilot a vehicle or single-pilot starship.
Protocol Software Modified Software Special Rule and Reduce Difficulty by Active System Stat
An enhanced Protocol package was installed on HP-99 at some point pre-memory wipe, this makes HP fluent in 4 billion forms of communication and capable of reducing any roll based on predicting or understanding sentient organic beings (reduce all EMP checks by Active System Stat)

HP-99 Hardware

Weapon Systems and other Hardware
Hardware ID Cost: (in power converter points) DMG - Damage Roll
Notes - about the use/details
Current Hardware Available to HP-99
Blaster Cannon Cost: 0-1/use DMG - DEX+2+XS
Optional Attack - Spend one Power Converter Point to use the Blaster Cannon at Full Auto. This allows you to target multiple threats at once and increases the base DMG from 2-3 for all that are hit. Using the Blaster Cannon in this way does convert all 1's into Glitches, however.
Vibroblade Cost: Dedicate 2 Power Converter Points DMG - STR+3
Very Sharp - When an enemy rolls their Soak roll vs. your Vibroblade, they must roll their Armor instead of gaining an automatic bonus for it.
Degrappler Stunmode Cost: 1/use DMG - Max Power Converter rating + 3, Stun only
Stun Damage// - Enemy must make a Soak Roll, for every point of Temp Damage you deal, they are Stunned. If this takes them past their Temp Damage threshold, they are knocked unconscious
Netlauncher Cost: 0 DMG - n/a
Polysteel weave, fire-proof and non-conductive to electricity
Sonic Cannon Cost: 1/use DMG - Max Power Converter Level + 4 Stun only
Stun Damage only, sonic in nature means it ignores half of all Armor, round down. Can be focused or dilate to a large cone for attacking multiple targets (if attacking multiple targets, reduce DMG to Max + 2 Stun only
Gas Launcher Cost: 0 DMG - Variable
Weapon can release any gas in a launching canister in the Droid's proximity, or cannisters can be primed an launched. Weapons must be manually reloaded with a new canister of gas to discharge again. Cannot 'partially' discharge a canister.
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