Balance of the Force

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The year is 1998 BBY, in the early centuries of the Dragulch Period. The greater LORDS OF THE SITH have scattered to hide in shadows beyond the light of the war-torn GALACTIC REPUBLIC. And though peace has temporarily been restored, the tole of war has taxed life throughout all of the galaxy. Corporations are failing, sinking whole system-spanning economies bankrupt. And natural resources are running scarce as the galaxy settles into it's new age.
A map of the Galaxy in 17,589 BBY


The Tale: For better of for worse…

Amidst the shadows of war, the whispered threat of Sith and rebellion, the weight of duty, and the call of truth, two Jedi will choose to swear oaths to each other even older and more sacred that that of their hallowed order: the bonds of love. Forsaken by their teachers and masters, celebrated by their peers, and condemned as outlaws by their former kingdom, these two Jedi will fight for survival in an age of desperation and uncertainty, choosing to risk the emotions of romance, and seeking a greater truth in the living Force.

Episode Summaries

His and Hers: Our Player Characters


Of the Past: Characters from their life as Jedi

The Temple at Aequus

Da'Fren De'Gorn - Twi'lek elder and monastic scholar of the Force, father of N'wt, lost his wife, a Jedi, Ma'Kara, when abandoned on the lost world of Aequus
N'wt "Thorn" De'Gorn - Daughter of Ma'Kara and Da'Fren, born in isolation and raised for 7 years by the Force Ghost of Ma'Kara, now the first apprentice of the new Xenari order
Agremora - Ancient plant creature
RD-D4 - astromech droid, see it all
Shoredecaar - "Shordy" - faithful friend to the Seastones

Allies to the Xenari

Among the Quelgaari
Gurek Durggle - Captain of the the Reverence, scout ship that keeps a weather eye on the sacred seas outside the stormwall
Hrom Loremaster - oldest and wisest of the ways of the worlds outside Aequus, and the legends of the ancient Xenari
Marek • Atreka • Glorfan - the Trinelders - Each a leader dedicated to the pillars of Xenari philosophy, roughly translated as Passion, Wisdom and Beauty.
Among the Starport
Brand Antilles - Brash pilot, smuggler, and confidence man
Remloss "Remy" Duron - unflappable navigator, engineer, and confidence man
Among the Republic
Brehka Burpho (Bob Hoskins) - Ortolan commander of the only Republic Naval Base, Ord Tiddell
Seras Demwyth (Milhouse) - Lt. Commander of the only Republic Naval Base, Ord Tiddell
Narka Rungee (Helen Slayton-Hughes) - ancient comms director for Republic Outpost 7-17, Trasse Asteroid Belt
Among the Q8 Quadrant
Narsella Reiber - Matriarch of the Rieber house on Jeyell, longstanding allies to the Verpine
The Verpine - brilliant insectoid species known throughout the galaxy for their droid engineering

Wild Cards

The Dawnstar - Mandolorian Sith Slayers
Archaeous - elderly myth-collector and yarn-spinner, lives on Drux Grathers outpost

Threats to the Xenari

Among the Republic
Captain Vandross - Captain of The Anvil a prison ship that was briefly commandeered by the new Xenari
Among the Q8 Quadrant
The Dorne Gang - one of the many groups among the Crowns of Orleon, lead by siblings Dreska and Roschka

The Temple at Argus

Archmaster: Andaarch Zellah Hearken (Helen Mirren)
Andaarch York Daystrider
Andaarch Tila Kenobi (Mellisa McCarthy)
Eldenaar Siriaan Dan'Dartha (Kirsten Dunst)
Eldenaar Morten Taeboss (Billy Barty))
Eldenaar Haevroc Kairn

Apprentice' Masters and Former Eldenaar

Eldenaar Hythekara Lune (Michelle Yeoh) - Quei's former Knight Master
Andaarch Dorian Whitestar (Ian McKellan) - Kylara's former Knight Master
Osrem Dom Daverick (Vin Diesel) - Sabermaster that trained Quei

Friends & Family

Nox - Kylara's brother (Kumail Nanjiani)

The Rogue's Gallery

Koss Doran'Tai - Senator for Argus and most out-spoken ally to the Seastone union
Admiral Raven Veers - Representative for the Bureau of Conflict Strategy and Security, paranoid and certain the Seastones are brewing rebellion and allied to the Sith

The Dark Side

Darth Vrane
Darth Severence


Of the Xenari: Characters from their life as the Reborn Xenari Order

Of the Temple at Aequus

Da'Fren De'Gorn - former Guardian of the Whills, now monk of the Xenari
N'wt De'Gorn - Daughter of Da'Fren and Ma'Kara, now training to be a Xenari Knight
RD-D4 - "Ardie" - an ancient astromech droid, stranded on Aequus centuries ago
Agremora - an ancient tree species, explorer and settler, now a new monk of the Xenari
Brog Froojee - an Ithorian settler now converted to monk of the Xenari, Agremorra's assistant

Of the Starport at Aequus: Characters rescued from various adventures and now living in secret on the Xenari homeworld

Shaks Viekiels - Communications and Flight Control for the starport
Dr. Reeves Dorhl - For your health

Of the Quelgaari: Frogpeople of Aequus

Gurek Durggle - captain of "The Southern Winds," Diplomatic envoy between the Quelgaari and the Xenari
Hrom Loremaster - oldest storykeeper of the Quelgaari
Marek, Atreka, Glorfan - Trinelders of the Quelgaari

Neighbors in Quadrant Mid-Rim Q-8: Known planets and peoples of the Republic

Brehka Burpho - Commander of the military base at Ord Tiddell
Lt. Seras Demwyth - Lt. Commander of the military base at Ord Tiddell
Ms. Rungee - Central Controls for the Trasse Outpost (gateway to the Xenari system)
Kairee Daed'lx - Chief Engineer of the Verpine
Narsella Reiber - Matriarch of the Reiber House, lords of the colony on Jeyell, dealing in Verpine technology and Nova Rubies

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