Jedi Nights

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The year is 17,589 BBY, the end of the Great Manifest period. The Galaxy is changing. With hyperdrive technology spreading throughout the known worlds, exploration of space has grown rapidly, deploying more and more settlements on uncharted worlds, and some, already known. Three generations have passed since the Republic funded exploration vessels sent to Thyssa arrived on a crystaline world of unparalleled beauty. Though idyllic in weather, atmosphere and biosphere, an unrealized threat challenged the explorers of this newly charted world. A landscape so thoroughly saturated with mineral growth in crystal form the very air was impossible to breath. The following decades would mark an amazing story of isolated survival, as gene splicing and the will to remain guided a lost colony from desperate survival to thriving community.

Now, once again reunited with the galaxy that they lost so many years ago, the children of Thyssa return to the culture of their ancestors. Among them, the children of the only Jedi to be raised and trained on the new world, apart from the order, the daughters of Zaia Ohm.

A map of the Galaxy in 17,589 BBY


The Tale: To Train a Jedi

Under the guidance of Jedi Osrem Mirronde Ardona, seven younglings on the verge of adulthood have gathered at the old master's ancient priory on Coruscant, to participate in a rigid training designed specifically for younglings who have had some training in the Force, but no official experience within the Order itself. While Veya Ohm is young enough to enter the order as a proper padawan, it will be the trials and training acquired at Ardondale Parish that determines the path for this young Jedi student, as she chooses what footsteps to follow before her, the path of her mother, or the path of someone else…

A Loreist, an Empath, an Exile, a Guardian, a Noble and a Princess, together with the eldest Daughter of Ohm, will cross wits and sabers with each other and their master in attempt to illuminate each other and the paths they each must walk. While an old master will connect in turn with her long-lost student, on the streets of the greatest city in the known Galaxy.

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Coruscant's Youngest: The Students of the Parish

Kara Wakemoon
Seyfren Srin'Sornne
Lordling Cabot Drauthers
Princess Edalia Brannen

Chapters: The Adventures of Veya and HP-99

Prelude: A Master and a Friend
Prelude: Adventure & Excitement

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