Force Based Aspects

Using the Force requires some level of Mastery in Control, Sense, and Altering one's self. While some abilities are derived from one use of the Force, others can only be achieved in concert with multiple forms of Mastery in play.

Basic Force Aspects


Force Impact - By imbuing their very flesh with telekinetic prowess, the Jedi can punch through steel as if it were paper, and break stone like chalk.
Requires: 4 Dots Control
Cost: Risk Focus
Mechanic: Describe an action where you punch, kick, crush, chop or twist or break something with your body. The Force flows through you and your body acts as if it were made of the strongest, hardest ship-hull durasteel. If you do any Effects with this, roll your Focus dice as extra Impact or Damage dice.

Jedi Movement - By dedicating one Focus point to attuning their motion and the Force a Jedi can easily operate by running along walls, the ceiling, or moving through water or zero-g environments at will.
Requires: 2 Dots in Control
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: So long as you narrate running or moving quickly in such a way that the effects of gravity (or the lack thereof) are ignored. Reduce Difficulty of DEX based rolls by 1. Dedicate more Focus to reduce the Dif more (1/1 ratio).

Force Meteor - When you leap down within a group of enemies and unleash a blast of telekinetic Force in a radius all around you, choose up to your current Focus rating in objects or allies that are unaffected. Everything else is thrown away from you in such a violent push as to incur severe damage.
Requires: 3 Dots in Control
Cost: Risk Focus
Mechanic: Once you make a Check to unleash the Force Meteor, reducing your Focus for any 1's rolled, Roll your Focus + Control + (2d10 per enemy targeted). Everything not protected takes this Damage. For all 1's rolled on your Damage roll the GM will detail destruction and chaos to the landscape around you.

Everbreath - By altering their body with the Force a Jedi can hold their breath for a nearly indefinite amount of time.
Requires: 2 Dots in Alter
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: The Jedi does not drown or pass out when holding their breath under water, in a toxic atmosphere, or depressurized area. They can act freely as if breathing normally, though with only one increase in Difficulty to doing things that are risky or physically intense (such as combat or acrobatics).


Beastwords - By listening and speaking through the Force a Jedi can understand and communicate with creatures on an intuitive level. Using this power allows the Jedi to calm or enrage a creature, to ride or be carried by it, to give it simple tasks that are within it's ability to accomplish or attempt, and the like.
Requires: 2 Dots in Sense
Cost: Risk Focus
Mechanic: Roll Sensing the Force and focus on the creature you want to calm or interact with. For creatures that act in packs or flocks the Jedi can attempt to control the whole group at a higher difficulty. For every 3 hits the connection runs deeper:
1-3 Hits - the creature is steadfastly bonded to you
4-6 Hits - the creature will continue to be bonded to you until you leave the planet
7-9 Hits - the creature will put your life or intentions above it's own
10+ - the creature will not forget you

Link - By attuning to another the Jedi can create and maintain a constant at-will telepathic link to another. This link lasts until the Jedi looses Focus or until they sleep or are knocked unconscious. If a Jedi has kept this link with another for a great deal of time, or if they have established it a great many times, they can attempt to make the connection even when apart.
Requires: 3 Dots in Sense
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: Dedicate one Focus, then make a Force Sense check. If you are in close proximity or touching the Difficulty is 3 or less, and only needs to be rolled if you are in a stressful or perilous circumstance. If you are within sight of each other, or clearly aware of where the person you seek to contact is, the Difficulty is 6 or 7. If you are attempting to contact them blindly the Difficulty is 8 or 9. Blindly under stress can be Difficulty 10.
Once the Link is established it will last until the Jedi releases it, looses Focus below their Dedicated Focus points, or sleeps or is knocked unconscious.


Unseen Strider - When moving with stealth, the Jedi can use Resisting the Force to make them appear as nothing but background noise even to the living Force.
Requires: 3 Dots in Resist
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: Dedicate one Focus to enable this power, during that time, any attempts to locate you via the Force add your Dots in Resist to the difficulty of the seeker's roll, and automatically reduces their number of Hits on that roll by your Will Stat.

Sabervision - When engaged in a lightsaber duel, the Jedi allows the Force to guide their defense, anticipating their opponent's attacks by a fraction of a second and reacting accordingly.
Requires: 3 Dots in Resist and 2 Dots in Sense
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: Dedicate one Focus at the start of a lightsaber duel to add your Sense Stat to any die that narrates defense through anticipation as you play it.

Absorb and Dissipate Energy

Advanced Force Feats

Sensing and Controlling the Force

Force Whirlwind - By reaching out with their senses and the Force a Jedi can collect and maintain a constant swirling storm of physical objects around them.
Requires: Two Dots Control Two Dots Alter
Cost: Dedicate one Focus
Mechanic: Dedicate one Focus and roll Control + Sense. For 1-3 Hits the GM will say what you can managed to keep in orbit around you. For 4-6 Hits you are a maelstrom, anything within a few feet of you is yours to move or hold still. For 7-9 Hits you can hold objects still as a black hole or move them so fast the air becomes a whirlwind around you at will. Add your remaining Focus Dice as Effect Dice to related actions while this is power is active. Lasts until the character looses Focus at all, is knocked unconscious or fatigued the the point they sleep, or when they so choose.

Force Seeker - By reaching out with the Force and pinpointing the location of a place or thing they seek to reach, the Jedi can sense any and all pathways leading to that source, and what lies along that way. This power remains effective so long as they continue to move toward it.
Requires: Two Dots Sense and one Dot Control
Cost: Dedicate one Focus, keep moving
Mechanic: Roll Control + Sense + Skillset = Hits. For every 2 Hits you can specify one detail of your path: Safest, Quickest, Easiest for Others To Come With You, etc. The GM will do their best to imagine that path and detail it for you.

Battle Senses - By attuning to the Force during a fight the Jedi can become a perfectly balanced weapon.
Requires: Three Dots in Sense & Control
Cost: Dedicate 1-7 Focus
Mechanic: For each Dot in Focus that you dedicate you can ignore that many 1's rolled, and add that many dice, to any combat Action. Lasts until you take Harm, loose Focus, or disengage the power.

Weatherwise - By reaching out with the Force and attuning to the environment of a planet around them, the Jedi can partially control and predict the Weather of that world itself.
Requires: Four Dots in Sense and two Dots Control
Cost: Dedicate one Focus, Risk Focus
Mechanic: To attune to the environment, roll Control + Sense + Skillset = Hits. 1-3 Hits and you know what the weather will be through the next few hours, 4-6 and you can forsee the next few days, 7-9 and you can sense the weather patterns of the whole planet weeks or months out, 10+ and you know the weather of this world globally. To Control the weather roll the same and Risk Focus. To lessen or increase the current weather is Difficulty 4-6, to neutralize the current weather is 6-7, to instigate new weather is 7-9, and to instigate severe weather is 10.

Controlling and Resisting with the Force

Controlling, Sensing and Resisting with the Force

Force Specter


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