Prelude - Three Trials

Ages ago, when the hyperdrive was new and space was a limitless mystery, a small crew of Core Worlders set out to seek the pathways unchartable between the stars. Their ship was the Starchaser and their greatest asset, beyond steadfast loyalty and courage, was the mystical Astrolabe.

Session Zero: Trial of the Emberwood

Drawn together by the Force and the wisdom of Osrem Alora Oakenheart, a trio of Jedi gather at the sacred temple grounds of the Emberwood on the planet Aldraig IV.

Testing their empathy, their perceptions, and their choices amidst chaos and battle, the three made their way through the lair of a stonesliding monster, through a perilous and sacred grove, and through a great simulated melee surrounding a singular tower. Their actions and emotions holding true, the Council summoned to observe them gave a unanimous endorsement to their heading the crew under the leadership of Oakenheart.

Their new mission: to seek out the newly deciphered trail of a once-mythical ship: the Starchaser.

Enter: Veya Ohm, Amalia "Mal" Ryn, Eldenaar Crow, Osrem Oakenheart
Noteworthy Characters: Lord Brannen of the Houses of Alsakan, Osrem Grendaar, Duke Berentoh, Senator Shaadracca, Osrem Gynt Thorne

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