Episode I - Session 2

Ancient Signals

On the inner Core World of Spira, a planet of vast oceans, and innumerable volcanic islands, scattered like drops of paradise over the surface of the world, the crew of the Bitter Rez disembark onto the ancient launchpad of a long lost hideaway. This hollowed and dormant volcanic isle was once the secret fortress of a group that would later take the ancient Astrolabe farther into the Slice than any ship has ever since seen.

The entirety of the hovel had been excavated by the same scholarly cabal that had spearheaded the academic revival of the Starchaser's legitimacy. However not all of the citadel had been discovered, as a legendary crew of hidden heroes is not easily uncovered, even by the experts. And when the supposedly authentic data sphere used in the primary beacon turned out to the a replica, Zerp Quillian, the excavation's leader, looked as broken hearted as a child. Until zaia Ohm, stirred by the truth in her feelings, found that the fortress ran deeper than any had thus far expected.

Down into the lower levels of the citadel they each found a different element of the puzzle. Side-by-side with Draxus, Master Crow made his way into the deepest and longest untouched parts of the fortress, reclaiming three of the data spheres originally built by the Starchaser crew, now mistakenly incubated by a vast Orsalaac thinking them to be unhatchable eggs. Along with her first-mate, Captain Mal made her way into a hidden part of the underground, where a long-abandoned shrine to the Force hid one small secret: a dormant Jedi Holocron. And in the central control room, Zaia managed to dispatch a handful of ancient battle droids, all while thwarting the possible detonation of the entire citadel's self-destruct trigger.

Now fully equipped to begin a repeat journey in the footsteps of the Starchaser, the crew launched again, aimed at Beacon02, somewhere on the world of Brentaal…

Noteworthy Characters: Bellek Mymeir, Shadra Wagner, Cal Kymeri, Yvanos Trobona

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