Specialties & Aspects

All Character Skillsets are composed of several Specialties & Aspects. These are basically descriptions of that characters unique or very highly capable abilities.


Specialties are specific actions or topics the character is especially good at. These are listed as part of a Skillset, and you can apply one specialty per roll, whenever you narrate doing or dealing with your Specialty. Specialties are directly related to the Skillset they are listed under, representing a more narrow knowledge or unique ability picked up from doing things with that Skillset.

One rank in a Specialty equals a Re-Roll of any Fail (not 1) die. When you make any roll that incorporates your Specialty, you can re-roll any Fail dice that are 1s, up to the same number of times as you have dots in that Specialty.

So if a Jedi character has 4 dots in the Specialty "Throw Saber" and they roll 3 failures and 3 hits from their pool of 6 dice when throwing their saber, they can re-roll those three failures. If they get 2 more hits and one more failure, they can roll that last failure again (totaling 4 re-rolls).

1's cannot be re-rolled without spending a Hero Point.


Specialties are ranked from 1-5 Ranks (represented as angled boxes on your character sheet). Starting Characters have 13 Dots to spread amongst starting Specialties in their Rank 3 Skillset, 9 Dots to spread amongst their Rank 2 Skillset, and 7 Dots to spread on their Rank 1 Skillset. Just because you don't have a Specialty that is specifically listed below does not mean you cannot do it (for instance, just because you don't have the Specialty: Astrogate under your Space Pirate Skillset doesn't mean you don't know how, it just means you're not extra-great at it. If a Space Pirate can Astrogate, you can Astrogate. You just don't get extra dice to throw.

A list of Specialties:
Staying Alert, Athletic Movement, Astrogation, Knockout Punch, Commscan, "Stand Down, Now", Disarming Smile, Slice that Lock, Cooking a Fancy Meal
Dancing, Diplomatic Conversation, Bluff your Enemy, Dodge Fire, Cobble Something Together, Forgery, Games of Chance, Gunner, Heavy Weapons
Tracking my Quarry, Jet Pack Maneuvers, Reading Body-language, Biology Facts!, Jedi Lore, Engine Repair Ace, Two-Saber Combat, Persuasive Smarm, Thread-The-Needle,
Chemistry Expert, Recon Tactics, Move Silently, Looking like Scum and Villainy, Survival Tactics, Street Speeder, "Never Tell me The Odds"

This is not an exhaustive list, and any Specialty that you can imagine to detail and personalize your character can work, just check with your group first, and make sure everyone is okay with it.


Stats, Skillsets, Specialties and Stunts all add d10s to the diepool of your roll. Aspects are literally separate rules sets designed to cover any other detail to your character that needs a unique design or consideration put forward. Most Aspects are designed to clarify what should be rolled to attempt something specific and unique, or something that combines multiple Stats or Specialties. Sometimes Aspects can just be declarative elements of your character, such as "I speak six million forms of Communication" or "Body Made Entirely of Wood - grants 2 Armor naturally."

Alt Rule:

Stunting - Special bonus dice for fitting descriptions

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