Episode I: The Starchaser's Fate

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The year is 17,589 BBY, the end of the Great Manifest period. The Galaxy is changing. With hyperdrive technology spreading throughout the known worlds, exploration of space has grown rapidly, deploying more and more settlements on uncharted worlds, and mapping the two major Hyperspace Lanes as they reach out into greater space. The longest of these routes so far are the Perlemian Route and the Corellian Run. What is between them is called "The Slice." It is a vast sea of unseen, unknown worlds.

A map of the Galaxy in 17,589 BBY


The Quest: Following the Fate of the Starchaser

Under the guidance of Jedi Osrem Alora Oakenheart, a select crew has been chosen to seek out the fate of the legendary Starchaser. For thousands of years the ship that first set out into unknown space has been considered nothing but myth, a tale told to young spacefarers about the bold and intrepid crew that possessed a secret instrument capable of showing all routes through the stars. A myth no sensible sapient would believe, until now…

A Space Pirate, a Healer, and a Fringer, all under the guidance of a powerful Telepath, will gather a brilliant Astrogationeer, a silver-tongued Diplomat, a serene explorer, a scared soldier, and an unpredictable wild card into their crew of mismatched and perfectly suited friends and heroes, on a quest to recover a legendary artifact, and be the first to see unexplored space, in the name of Peace, Democracy, and the Force.

Big Damn Heroes: Our Player Characters

Master Crow - Jedi Eldenaar, Physiker, Bioengineer, Core Worlder
Veya Ohm - Jedi Padawan, Fringer, Mother, Saberdancer
Amalia "Mal" Ryn - Jedi Padawan, ex-Pirate, Cyborg, Ship's Captain


Characters of Note

A Band of Misfits and Sages: Aboard the Bitter Resolution

Former Pirate Crew of the Bitter Resolution
Representing the Republic
Representing the Jedi High Council

The Starchaser's Fate

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