Every character has 9 Basic Stats and 3 Force Stats.

Each Stat is a measure of that character's attribute on a galactic bell curve, representing the averages for most species.

Basic Stats
Physical Social Mental
Strength - your physical prowess and brute strength Charisma - your social impact and influence Intelligence - your reasoning and memory
Dexterity - your physical coordination and finesse Empathy - your social insight and awareness Wisdom - your experience and quick thinking
Endurance - your pain tolerance and exhaustion limits Composure - your cool and steadiness Willpower - your inner strength and self-control

Force Stats are unique to those that have trained in the ways of the Force, be it by an Order within the Jedi, or by any other means throughout the Galaxy.

Force Stats
Control - your ability to manifest and manipulate the Force Sense - your ability to understand and commune with the Force Resist - your ability to resist or veil yourself from the Force

Stats are ranked from 1-5. 1 is below average, 2 is average, 3 is talented, 4 is recognizably skilled, and 5 is intergalacticlly impressive. Ranks are measured in "Dots" - marks on the character sheet to be colored in. Each dot is one d10 to roll when testing that Stat.


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