Using the Force

All Player Characters are Jedi. They are not Jedi Masters, specifically, but they are not considered novice in their understanding of the Force, either. Somewhere above Luke in Return of the Jedi but not as epic as Mace Windu or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Each Dot in a Force Stat shows a Mastery over that connection to the Force. The capabilities that come with each Dot are detailed below. Once a Character has mastered that level of their Force Stat they are able to incorporate that kind of Force power into their narrations without making a Force Stat check or roll. For any manifestation of the Force that is above their Mastery level, the Character must risk Focus and make a concentrated effort to execute their action - this requires a Check or Contest rolling that Force Stat. So while a Character can do anything within the scope of the Force, they must Focus and Roll to attempt anything that is above their current level of Mastery.

When you make a roll using a Force Stat to do something above your level in Mastery, any 1's that you roll reduce your Focus.



Focus is the measure of your characters awareness and ability to utilize the Force. Osrem can act and do things with a Focus of approaching ten. Padawans rarely have a Focus greater than three. The average Eldenaar has a Focus between five and eight.

When you Roll a Force Stat you risk loosing your Focus. As your Focus diminishes, that which you can do with the Force also diminishes. Your Force Stats are basically only as strong as your Focus. If an Eldenaar has a Control Stat at 5, but their efforts have dimished their Focus to 3, they must roll to Control the Force as if they only had three Dots in their Control Stat. When you have only 1 Focus left you cannot use the Force effectively at all.

Some Force Powers require the Character to maintain a constant sense of Focus, this means dedicating their Focus to that power, reducing their rating. This does not limit their ability to use the Force in the same way as loosing Focus, but it does mean they might loose access to that ongoing ability if their Focus is tested or diminished. If they drop or cease use of that Power intentionally, their Focus returns.

When you take a moment to center yourself and calm your mind, you can regain your Focus. To do this you will roll a die for all of the Dots you have in your Force Stats. The GM will set a difficulty for this roll based on the circumstances, and for each Hit you regain Focus. If you roll more Hits than would take to fill up your Focus, for every 3 Hits you roll over your Max you can keep one Momentum die for using the Force. For this Force Roll alone 1's do not diminish your Focus.

Starting Focus is determined by the characters starting Force Stats. Add the highest Force Stat and the lowest Force Stat together to determine your Focus rating.

Controlling the Force


Any outward manifestation of the Force is an act of Control. This includes Telekinesis, Lightsaber mastery, or Projecting energy.
1 Dot - With some effort you can release surges of telekinetic control - shoving things, pulling things toward you, or moving things slowly. The effort is great to do this.
2 Dots - With ease you can move things roughly as large as you could lift or as large as you are. You can snatch things quickly by pulling them to you, and you can send out waves of telekinetic force. You can also use a lightsaber without hurting yourself.
3 Dots - With ease you can leap using the Force, punch or push quickly and effortlessly, and deflect one or two blaster attacks fired at you.
4 Dots - You can deflect most any projectile attack fired at you without much effort, crush things with the Force, generate fire or electricity, or lift objects un-related to their size, so long as you can see and Focus on them.
5 Dots - You can move anything you look at with some effort, pulling ships out of the sky, or crushing the foundations of towering buildings. You can shrug off any projectile attack made at you, and you can absorb any energy attack into your saber at will. You can disassemble complex objects by looking at them, and conjure energy at will.

Sensing the Force


Any attempt to reach out with your feelings or project your emotions or awareness outward from yourself is Sensing the Force.
This is used to understand and communicate, primarily, but can be combined with other mastery to create powerful Force Aspects.

1 Dot - you get a bad feeling when something hostile is nearby, and you have a strong sense of empathy toward people
2 Dots - you can easily read surface emotions and are highly aware of the dangers to your surroundings or actions
3 Dots - you can read thoughts with some focus, project emotions or wishes, and perceive your surroundings at a near-supernatural level
4 Dots - you can speak clearly telepathically with someone you have a strong connection to across time and space, easily read thoughts by focusing your attention, with meditation you can glimpse the future or the past
5 Dots - you can keep in constant spiritual contact with anyone you have a strong connection to, project images and feelings with your mind, and peer into the probability of the future or the roots of the past

Resistance Through the Force


Neutralizing the Force when it's used against you, by Dissipating it's affects, or Veiling yourself from other users
1 Dot - you can consciously resist or hide from Force attacks against your thoughts, so long as you're aware they are being directed at you
2 Dots - you can veil or obscure your presence from other Force users; you can counter telekinetic actions against you
3 Dots - you can veil or obscure your presence from living things attempting to sense you; you can neutralize energy generated by the Force
4 Dots - you can alter who you seem to be, or become invisible to living senses; you can absorb and dissipate energy based Force abilities directed at you
5 Dots - you can seemingly vanish from the Force, invisible to any foreseeing or scrying; you are immune to any attacks directed at you via the Force


Your Force Stats are filled in just as regular Stats, but do not start with the first Dot colored in.

Focus is colored in by the Grey Dots - this represents your Focus Rating - your maximum Focus. As you Dedicate a Focus point, check off the boxes below from left to right with a slash mark. As you Spend Focus, mark them off from right to left. Once you Spend Focus down to the point that it meets your Dedicated Focus points, you cannot spend more, or you must give up whatever you're dedicating that Focus to to free up the points.


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